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Sydney man charged with 30 counts of domestic violence and animal cruelty

A 21-year-old man has been charged with more than 30 counts of domestic animal cruelty and other charges, including allegedly killing several rabbits out of frustration with animals.

Police were deployed to a unit in Sydney’s Chester Hill, near Bankstown, this week following reports of multiple allegations of domestic violence.

The charges include the man beating, slapping, strangling and repeatedly threatening the 20-year-old woman with physical violence.

Police say the man filmed intimate acts with a woman without her consent and threatened to release the footage.

A number of dead pet rabbits and corpses of rabbits were found in the unit’s freezer.

Two other live pet rabbits were caged and handed over to the RSPCA by police.

The man was charged with multiple counts of domestic assault and intimidation, three counts of animal torture, bludgeoning and causing death, three counts of using a carriage to threaten to kill, and intentionally recording intimate images without consent. He was indicted on 33 counts, including four counts of murder.

He was denied bail and is scheduled to appear in Parramatta Court on Saturday.


https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/state/nsw/sydney/2023/07/08/sydney-man-charged-with-30-counts-of-domestic-violence-and-animal-cruelty/ Sydney man charged with 30 counts of domestic violence and animal cruelty

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