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Sydney independent MP Alex Greenwich says in court papers he received ‘hate’ from the public after Mark Latham’s tweet

Sydney Independent MP Alex Greenwich claims in court documents that he received hate mail, repeated profanity, homophobic comments and threatening calls and messages from members of the public after Mark Latham’s graphic tweets. there is

Greenwich is suing the leader of One Nation in New South Wales for defamation in federal court over a tweet posted in late March.

Mr. Latham does not yet plan to submit a response on the matter.

Latham responded to Greenwich’s comments while Latham was speaking at a candidate forum in an article about LGBTQ protesters being targeted outside St Michael’s Church in western Sydney. was

Mr. Greenwich’s comments included a reference to Mr. Latham being a “nasty person.”

The reply, which read “disgusting…” before describing the sexual act in explicit language that ABC chose not to make public, was deleted about four hours later, but has since been retweeted and spread across the internet. viewed by at least 6,171 people. According to Greenwich’s statement, Twitter.

The document, released by the federal court, describes the defamatory accusations, or implications, that Greenwich’s allegations were conveyed by tweets.

These included that he was “engaging in abusive sexual activity” and “due to his engaging in abusive sexual activity, he is unfit and fit to be a Member of Parliament for New South Wales”. ing.

Mark Latham followed up his inflammatory tweet with a post that read, “Never apologize, never explain.” ()

In a newspaper article published a few days later, Latham said, “Greenwich goes to school and talks to kids about being gay. I left such content on social media and said the same. I didn’t want to be criticized for it,” he was quoted as saying.

In court documents, Mr. Greenwich said those remarks portrayed himself as “an asshole who goes to school to educate kids to be gay.”

He said it also conveyed that he was “not fit to be a member of the New South Wales Legislature because he goes to school to educate his children to be gay”.

He alleges that the tweet and subsequent public comments were met with hatred, disrespect, ridicule, and seriously damaged his personal and professional reputation.

The damage included hateful comments from the general public, including on social media, and homophobic comments via emails, letters and voicemails to campaign offices.

Some of the messages and phone calls are detailed in the allegations and contain repeated offensive slurs and threats of violence.

lawsuit postponed

The issue was due to be heard in court for the first time on Friday, but was postponed until September.

One Nation politicians have previously said they will defend it.

A day after his first tweet, he posted, “Never apologize, never explain.”

In court documents, Mr. Greenwich’s attorneys allege Mr. Latham’s actions in posting the tweet and subsequent comments.This constitutes a joint attack campaign against Mr. Greenwich, further exposing him to hatred, contempt and ridicule.

He seeks aggrieved damages, damages, including costs, as well as an injunction permanently barring Mr. Latham from further publication of the material or similar material.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-06-16/alex-greenwich-files-statement-of-claim-in-defamation-case/102485666 Sydney independent MP Alex Greenwich says in court papers he received ‘hate’ from the public after Mark Latham’s tweet

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