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Supermarket giant Woolworths responds to shoppers’ ‘disappointing’ purchases

Disappointed Woolworths customers blamed the supermarket giant on social media for their recent purchases.

A Queensland shopper bought a 900g pack of lamb mid loin chops and was frustrated when she opened the package at home.

She shared her concerns about buying meat on Facebook after pulling back the plastic film.

The meat tray appeared to hold five perfect cuts of lamb, but the woman discovered that the loin chops hidden under the product label were considerably more fatty than the others.

Posting a photo on Facebook, she claimed that one lamb chop was deliberately placed under the label of the meat product.

“The old-fashioned ‘hide the shitty meat under the label’ trick,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

“Harder, Woolworths. The price to feed ourselves is hard enough.”

Woolworths has issued an apology for the disappointing purchase on social media.

“If a customer is disappointed with the quality of the fresh meat, under our return policy, they are very welcome to return it to their local store for a replacement or refund,” Woolworths responded in the post.

The supermarket giant asked customers for the exact product name, expiration date, store where it was purchased, and batch details.

“The package is in the bin. Half the chops have been consumed,” she replied.

“The information you need is in the photo above purchased at Loganholme QLD.”

Woolworths has since announced its intention to investigate the matter with its meat supply partners and issue refunds to customers.

https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/supermarket-giant-woolworths-responds-to-shoppers-disappointing-purchase-c-8903561 Supermarket giant Woolworths responds to shoppers’ ‘disappointing’ purchases

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