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Stylish and Comfortable Hiking Outfits for Women

How to choose comfortable and stylish clothes for hiking? Active tourism is a special sport that requires special training and clothing. In order for you to be safe and enjoy hiking or walking in the forests or mountains, you need to dress properly.

So, in this article, we are going to tell you about it.


Hiking is a relatively easy ascent into the mountains with no long stops in the foothills or in the forests. Therefore, the main requirements for shoes are wear resistance and strength, which provide protection of the foot. However, it all depends not only on the landscape but also on the time of year in which you plan to take a hike.

In summer, choose light trekking sandals or sneakers that fit tightly on the foot and provide ventilation. The embossed sole will provide a reliable grip of the sandals with the ground, comfort when walking on stones, and the durable toe will exclude injury to the fingers.

For the autumn-winter season, depending on climate conditions, choose trekking sneakers or boots made of leather or suede. It is good if your shoes have a moisture-wicking membrane, which will protect you from rain and sweat, and in winter — from the cold. For water-repelling, a shoe trim with an elastic band around the perimeter is also used. This helps in cases when the membrane is powerless: in a downpour, in high wet grass, or in passing through mountain streams.

The insole is of great importance for long hikes. Anatomical shock-absorbing insoles with foot support are used in hiking shoes, softening the blow of the foot on the ground.

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The requirements for clothing are the same as for shoes. Wear should be characterized by resistance, fast drying, lightness, convenience, and wind protection. All of this you will need in the mountains and in the forest at any time of the year. Only the thermal control of your equipment should be varied.

Socks are a very important part of the hikers’ wardrobe. For hot weather, choose low models or special high knee socks that provide good ventilation. Choose socks that are divided into strengthening zones: they are denser on the heel and toes and light in the calf area, this is done for good ventilation.

If the season allows, there is no need for thermal underwear, but the “first layer” will be needed. T-shirts or long sleeves made of moisture-wicking synthetic fabric are a reliable choice for active hiking in summer. In the cold season, the set needs to be complemented with long leggings with insulation.

Sport is a serious case and so there are special womens hiking pants. They are usually made of breathable and waterproof synthetic materials with a special elastic weaving of threads that prevents damage and penetration of insects. The main feature of special trousers is the large number of pockets in which you can carry away a lot of little things necessary for hikers, such as a map with a navigator, a flashlight, or a penknife. Models often come with detachable pants – practical, convenient, functional, and suitable for all seasons.

Fleece is an irreplaceable detail that helps to warm up during a summer hike. Fleece is a synthetic fabric, from which sports and travel accessories are made, but in this case, we are talking about a sweatshirt that can be used as a “second layer”. Fleece is waterproof, effectively removes moisture, and saves heat. It will always be appropriate if you are going on a hiking trail.

And finally, outerwear. Its choice depends entirely on the time of year and weather conditions. Thin jackets for summer and down jackets for winter — the choice is huge today. In the search for your jacket, pay special attention to the fabric. Nowadays there are fabrics that can replace even three layers of clothing, and some membrane fabric is the gold standard of water resistance. They can provide three tourist needs: protection, thermal insulation, and moisture removal.

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And most importantly – a backpack where you can put a change of clothes, food, and so on. Women’s backpacks are designed by analogy with men’s backpacks, but taking into account the female anatomy. Their main difference from men’s backpacks is the thinner curved shoulder straps and a hip belt. In addition, the volume of women’s backpacks is smaller than men’s. Women’s backpacks are made of durable, wear-resistant materials and services for many years in many hikes and travels. Suspension systems effectively redistribute weight from women’s shoulders to the hips, thereby protecting the back from overstraining. In addition, women’s backpacks can be suitable for men of medium build.

So, we hope that this article will help you to create convenient outfits for the hicking. Try to choose bright and colorful clothes and accessories and you will always be stylish and in the center of attention. Have a good journey!


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