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Steps To Ace Your Cisco 300-735 Exam In One Sitting!

Are you a developer preparing to take the Cisco Automating and Programming Cisco Security Solutions exam? Do you want to achieve the certification on your first try but don’t know where to start? Here are some fool proof tips to pass the 200-301 with flying colours!

What Is The 300-735 Exam and What Certification(S) Can I Gain?

 If you are here, you must already know a bit about the exam. However, if you are an IT professional browsing for the perfect exam to take to validate your skills in security automated solutions, this is a quick rundown about the exam. The 300-410 is a 90-minute test that will assess your understanding of implementing advanced automated security solutions for networks. Some of the core areas you will be questioned on are; programming concepts, data models, Cloud and email security, DNS, web, firewalls, etc. By completing this exam, you can gain the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Security Automation and Programmability certification or if you are looking to get certifications in either 300-415, passing this exam will bring you closer to those goals.

Easy Steps To Prepare For The 300-735 Exam

  1. Make sure you meet the prerequisites first!

Yes, you can do the courses provided by Cisco to expand your knowledge and skills before you sit for the exam, however, it is critical that you already have a good grasp of fundamental programming language concepts and CCNP level networking knowledge before you start to fully dive in to get this certification. It is beneficial to try courses such as Introducing Automation for 350-401or Introducing Cisco Network Programmability if you feel they will aid you before starting the recommended courses for this exam.

2. Implementing Automation for Cisco Security Solutions (SAUI) course

If you have nailed the prerequisites but want to build up additional information and skills try the Implementing Automation for Cisco Security Solutions (SAUI) v1.0 provided by Cisco. This course is a combination of lessons and hands-on labs that will not only prepare you for the 300-735 exam but also strengthen your skills in Cisco platforms.

3. Practice exams/dumps are your keys to exam confidence.

To ease your stress before the exam and to assess your abilities, it is highly recommended to do some practice papers before the big day. There are various options for practice papers; you can choose websites such as CCNP and Certbolt, or buy books on Amazon. One book you can find on Amazon is Automating Cisco Security Solutions SAUTO (300-735) Exam Practice Questions & Dumps: Exam Practice Questions For Automating Cisco Security Solutions SAUTO (300-735) by Books Fortune.


In summary, if you follow these steps, the CCIE is nothing to fret about. As an IT professional, if you already meet the prerequisites to do this exam, all you need is practice to get a feel of how your exam will turn out. Wish you success!



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