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State-of-the-art wellness training center opens in western New South Wales

CREST Simulation Nurse Phil Cooper (holding a mannequin Timmy) and CREST Manager and Senior Nursing Educator Gabriel Arnold attend the opening of the facility.

New South Wales Minister of Health Ryan Park said the Center for Rural Education, Simulation and Training (CREST) ​​Simulation Center will provide high-quality simulation-based education using a variety of manikins, patients, case studies and scenarios in environments that mimic rural emergency departments, hospital wards and residential aged care facilities.

Park said CREST is a valuable asset for WNSWLHD and provides an opportunity to develop and maintain the unique skills needed for rural general nurses.

CREST incorporates the latest innovative technologies such as high fidelity lifelike mannequins and virtual and augmented reality training programs to provide a safe and immersive experience.

“Developing CREST in Wellington will reduce the need for clinical staff to travel outside the region to upgrade their skills or meet clinical competency requirements,” Park said.

“The facility also plays an important role in introducing nurses from Australia and abroad to the district. Together they can pivot and practice their clinical skills while building a lifelong peer network that will support them wherever they work in western New South Wales.

“We provide nurses and other clinicians with quality training and educational experiences to keep them working safely and confidently in rural areas.”

“Our local and rural workforce provides a vital service to our communities. We know these methods increase learner engagement and knowledge retention and enable advanced skill development,” Park said.

“Staff should have advanced practical skills to work in multiple clinical settings, including residential geriatric care, acute, subacute and end-of-life care, adult and pediatric care, as well as emergencies and trauma cases.

WNSWLHD CEO Mark Spital said the district is proud to offer another key component of its talent strategy. The talent strategy aims to develop the local health workforce through a range of initiatives, including enhanced training and the provision of development opportunities.

“Our school district is committed to building a strong and sustainable workforce, now and in the future. To that end, we hope to use innovative strategies like CREST to provide a superior development infrastructure that clinical staff can access in our district,” Spital said.

“This is one of a series of important initiatives currently underway aimed at developing and strengthening health workers across the district.”

https://www.nsw.gov.au/health/wnswlhd/news/latest-news/state-of-art-health-training-centre-opens-western-nsw State-of-the-art wellness training center opens in western New South Wales

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