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Stars are unfit to hold casino licenses

The NICC has issued a show cause notice to Starr and is considering disciplinary action options depending on Bell’s findings and recommendations.

NICC Chief Executive Philip Crawford said while the majority of The Star’s 8,000 employees are doing the right thing, the report highlights organizational governance, risk and cultural failures at Sydney’s casinos. said to have identified

“Frankly, this report is shocking. It provides evidence of widespread compliance failures in key areas of The Star’s business,” Crawford said.

“Not only huge sums of money disguised by casinos as hotel expenses, but large amounts of cash in many situations circumvented anti-money laundering protocols. A secret room.

“In addition to Bell’s analysis of the very real risks of criminal infiltration and cover-up in which senior staff conduct business, the report details cases of individual patrons exposed to gambling harm. increase.

“The Star provided VIPs with free alcohol as an inducement to gamble and allowed vulnerable patrons to gamble continuously for more than 24 hours at a time without intervention. It’s jarring and shows how unlimited gambling turns from entertainment to exploitation.

“We are reviewing the content of the report. There are 30 recommendations that need to be addressed with varying implications.

“Once we have given Star a chance to respond to the notice, we can determine the appropriate disciplinary approach.

“The recent reforms of the NSW government have strengthened the regulatory mechanisms for acting on Bell’s reports and our options include loss of license, suspension, fines and/or appointment of a manager. increase.

“NICC has all the tools necessary to respond to Bell’s recommendations and will develop an approach proportionate to the severity of the report.”

Bell report here.

https://www.nsw.gov.au/star-unsuitable-to-hold-casino-licence Stars are unfit to hold casino licenses

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