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Star Casino License Suspended | New South Wales Government

NICC Chief Commissioner Philip Crawford said an administrator was appointed by the NICC in connection with the disciplinary decision on suspensions and fines.

“The suspension will take effect at 9 a.m. on Friday, October 21, when the manager takes office,” Crawford said.

“NICC has determined that it is no longer in the public interest for Starr to continue to control its licenses and that Starr is now unfit to be the licensee’s owner.

“Starr’s current board and executives understand the significance of Bell’s findings. .

“Starr’s public communication to shareholders and submission to NICC’s show cause notice represents a genuine repentance and willingness to work openly and transparently with NICC as it seeks to maintain its license and protect the many jobs upon which it is operationally dependent. Shows aspirations.

“If it weren’t for The Star’s change of stance and our belief that it is in the public interest to protect thousands of at-risk jobs, the result might have been different.

The NICC appointed Nicholas Weeks as manager until the NICC was able to determine whether the issues identified in the Bell Review could be fixed and that The Star was likely a fit.

“I look forward to our incoming CEO, Robbie Cook, using his experience and leadership skills to successfully lead the company under the direction of his manager,” Crawford said.

“Mr Weeks’ appointment will allow for the continuation of casino operations and his primary focus will be on ensuring a robust root cause analysis and review of the casino culture.

“The appointment of a manager does not mean that NICC believes Star is fit to hold a casino license.

“At this point, we believe that Star may be able to implement the necessary reforms to give NICC confidence that it can begin an improvement process aimed at getting it right.”

https://www.nsw.gov.au/star-casino-licence-suspended Star Casino License Suspended | New South Wales Government

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