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Spotted an alligator in a suburban backyard

“Crocodiles are sometimes brought from the wild, usually small babies, and people think it’s a good idea to keep alligators in their home aquariums.

“And they grew up, [owners] Startled, they don’t want to get caught in it or are afraid someone will bite them, so just let them go and I think that’s what happened here. “

Freshwater crocodiles are slow-growing creatures, and those caught in the Central Coast were likely 8 to 10 years old. Females grow to about 1.8 meters and males to 2.5 meters.

The one-meter-long female was in good health and was likely an illegal pet.credit: Australian Reptile Park

“We are grateful to the homeowner for letting us know about the alligator,” Collette said. “Freshwater crocodiles may not be as dangerous as saltwater crocodiles, but they are still wild animals and can be unpredictable.”

For now, the park will house and feed alligators. The animal’s presence is reported to the National Park and Wildlife, and after a thorough examination by the park’s veterinarian, a decision is made as to what to do next.

The park is also home to Leonardo, the alligator snapping turtle, a giant freshwater turtle native to the United States with a powerful bite that can cut off fingers. Leonardo was found in a drain in Alexandria after heavy rains in 2000.

Leonardo is also believed to have been released as an illegal pet, and the turtle may have been one of a group of hatchlings stolen from the park in 1979.

“We want to remind the public that keeping wild animals as pets without permission is illegal and dangerous,” Collette said. “If you encounter a crocodile or other wildlife in your backyard and you don’t believe it belongs there, please contact authorities immediately.”

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