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Snakes locate themselves on sites without the need for hi-vis

While walking his dog through Kellyville’s Barney Mullane Sports Complex, Kellyville’s Jim Skaysbrook was confronted by a sign printed with a snake symbol built by the Hills Council. Snakes live in this area,” Jim asked. Is there a shortage of snakes that the Council needs to address? Moreover, residents like me would be horrified at a time when it was perfectly possible for these snakes to place themselves free of charge to the toll bearers. Did we have to fund those places?”

It’s absolutely amazing that the AUS DEN collocation (C8) inspired Mangerton’s relentlessly silly George Manojlovic to think about “the milliganesque madness that can happen with FIFA country codes” It’s not what you should do. For example, ZIM ZAM NAM JAM CAM, TAH BAH MAD MAC BRA, GER GUM GIB GAB GUY.

The section of the hospitalization application (C8) that Concord’s Patricia Farrar finds least favorable is marital status. “As a divorced woman whose ex-husband has since died, am I a divorcee or a widow? The default title for hospitalized women seems to be ‘Mrs.’ but I prefer to be called ‘Colonel.’ I think they are at odds. “

Mosman’s Jack Dikian has a more pressing concern about titles: “Did your pre-enrollment application (C8) include ‘litigation attorney’ as a title option?”

To answer Helen Howes’ question (C8), Ashbury’s Peter Miniutti said: The Ministry of Education probably has the largest of these sectors in the universe, followed closely by the Ministry of Health. “

In another addition to Word of the Year (C8), Stephen Doyle of Downer (ACCT) suggests that “the sports commentator’s word of the year is ‘Clutch’.” During this one year of his life, I read and heard about clutch players, clutch games, clutch plays, clutch moves, and more. I wish someone would change gears. “

For Robert Hosking of Paddington, the great thing about Knock and Kirby’s Vegetable Peeler (C8) is that he still uses it. at the time. Observing that as children they, of course, had the task of peeling and shelling peas, Robert anticipates the question young people are reading: Were the peas in Birdseye’s parcel?”


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https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/nsw/snakes-site-themselves-without-need-for-high-vis-20221201-p5c2qb.html?ref=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_source=rss_national Snakes locate themselves on sites without the need for hi-vis

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