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Simple tips for self-repairing the LG washing machine

South Korean washing appliances brand LG is very popular due to its reliability and functionality. It has complex technical components and simple parts that you can replace yourself. It is not necessary to immediately run to the service center after detecting malfunctions. After all, saving where you can not spend is always useful, right?

What does a washing machine do? In fact, she pours water into the body, heats it up and spins the drum filled with dirty laundry. This happens in a certain way, which ultimately leads to the cleaning of linen from contamination.

Any modern LG washing machine has not only many functions, including reverse rotation, and even ironing, but also a built-in self-diagnosis system. And for those models that are equipped with an LCD screen, when problems occur, error codes are displayed on the display. What they mean and how to fix them, we tell in the article.

In some cases, the messages on the washing machine display indicate that it is time to contact the service to restore the working condition of the equipment. But, knowing what LG washing machine errors mean, some of the problems can be fixed on your own – sometimes in just a few minutes.

Causes and Troubleshooting for Simple Problems

Rattles, thumps in the drum and vibrations often occur due to the unstable position of the legs. If the machine is rearranged, then the problem will resolve itself. Also, periodic knocking during washing may indicate wear on the bearings and the seal that seals the drum. You can replace them yourself.

To be sure of the cause of the noise, you should independently turn the machine drum left and right with your hands. If there is noise, crackling or rumble, then the reason is definitely faulty bearings.

A properly installed washing machine will not “snort”! Over time, the balance set during installation may be disturbed due to the movement of the case during the spin cycle.

If the machine jumps or jumps, then this malfunction is due to violations in the structure of the counterweight attachment. Water leaks occur due to worn hoses or improper connection. In this case, you can simply tighten the couplings in problem areas.

It often happens that even after cleaning the drain pump filter, the machine “refuses” to drain the water. It is possible that the cause is a clogged drain hose, which you just need to clean. If water does not drain from the washing machine drum, you need to repair the drain system: clean the filter, check the drain hose and pump.

Deciphering the fault codes shown by the LJi washing machine with a display.

If the washing machine is equipped with an electronic display, then in the event of a breakdown or malfunction, a code will appear on it. After deciphering it and determining the cause, the malfunction in most cases can be eliminated on its own.

Other washing machine signals

The CL symbols on the display are not an error, but a system message. They show that the machine has child protection turned on. You can remove them by disabling the function. To do this, simultaneously press and hold the protection buttons for at least 4 seconds, which will be determined by the instructions for the washing machine.

The system message is also tcL, which indicates the need to enable the drum cleaning function. The user can respond to this code by running a cleanup loop. But if this is not possible (the process takes up to 1.5 hours), the machine can simply be turned off and on again.

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