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Sikh-Hindu tensions boil in Sydney over Kharistan separatist movement, Australian officials warn

Tensions are rising again between Australia’s Sikh and Hindu communities in the wake of a controversial vote aimed at building political support for India’s independent Sikh state.

Some members of the Sikh community gathered at a construction site in Minchinbury, a western suburb of Sydney, on Sunday to hold the latest “referendum” in favor of establishing a new state called Kalistan in India’s Punjab region.

Kalistan supporters of the Sikh diaspora in several Western countries have held similar events to raise the profile of the movement, and have already held public “votes” (non-binding, legal votes) in both Melbourne and Brisbane. ) are being implemented.

The Indian government and some Indian community groups in Australia were outraged by the referendum, with supporters of the movement claiming it was carrying out a policy aimed at fanning hatred and apparently dividing India.

Some Indian politicians have accused Pakistan of funding a movement to destabilize its neighbor.

However, the groups conducting the referendum said Sikhs face increasing political repression and discrimination in India that they need their homeland and that holding the referendum would bring democracy to Australia. claims that it is only exercising its legal rights.

At Sunday’s poll in Minchinbury, dozens of protesters from Sydney’s Indian community, many of them wearing Indian flags, gathered outside the venue, chanting anti-Kalistan slogans, Tensions rose again.

Police separated the two groups, but a spokesman for the New South Wales Police told ABC that two of the anti-Harristan demonstrators had been arrested for knife possession.

“Two men, ages 23 and 24, were arrested and taken to Mount Druitt Police Station, both charged with storing knives in public, storing offensive tools in public, and They were charged with using an offensive weapon with intent to commit a prosecutable crime,” they said.

Videos posted on social media also showed clashes later in the day outside Harris Park, a major hub for the Indian-Australian community near Parramatta.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-06-10/tensions-over-khalistan-separatist-movement-boil-over-in-sydney/102463024 Sikh-Hindu tensions boil in Sydney over Kharistan separatist movement, Australian officials warn

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