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‘Shame’: Violent encroachment on Melbourne A-League pitch accused of injuring player, investigation launched

  • An investigation has been launched into fan violence that disrupted the Melbourne Derby match.
  • City goalkeeper Tom Glover received medical attention after a bottle was thrown in his head.
  • Flares were thrown by both sets of fans before the ensuing pitch invasion.
Australia’s football governing body has launched an investigation after a ‘shocking’ scene in Saturday’s A-League men’s Melbourne derby when pitch invaders stormed the field, disrupting the match and injuring goalkeeper Tom Glover. and said sanctions would be imposed. cut off the head
Football Australia said in a statement on Saturday night that “such conduct will not be tolerated at Australian Football and a full Football Australia investigation will be launched immediately, where strong sanctions will be imposed.”

The A-League men’s Melbourne derby was forced to a dramatic halt in one of the ugliest scenes in the history of the competition after fan protests turned into pitch invasion.

Fans in Melbourne Victory’s active area flooded the pitch just after the 20th minute of Saturday night’s game at AAMI Park, with Melbourne City goalkeeper Tom Glover threatening to slam the ball after someone threw a metal bucket. He was decapitated and had a suspected concussion.

Both sets of fans were throwing flares onto the pitch, but the situation escalated when the flares appeared to hit the Channel 10 cameraman, causing Glover to pick up another one from the ground and throw it back into the stands. It exploded when

Fans then flooded the pitch and Glover was hit by a metal bucket used to dispose of Flair and soon began bleeding from his temples and required medical assistance.

Adelaide United captain Craig Goodwin has condemned Saturday night’s violence as “extremely disappointing” and said the action would not lead to good results.

“Regardless of what happened, this is not the way to respond and it just makes the game look worse,” he said in a Twitter message.

Both sets of players rushed down the tunnel and the game was paused.
There was a tense atmosphere throughout the start of the game, with both sets of active fans planning to leave the game at the 20 minute mark as part of a protest against the Australian Professional League.

Fans across the competition were protesting the league’s decision to sell the next three Grand Finals to Sydney.

Melbourne City fans hold up signs against the APL’s decision regarding the A-League Grand Final. sauce: AAP / Will Murray

Both fans started chants “f*** the APL” shortly after the previous A-League women’s game ended.

Victory and City fans unfurled banners before and after the match respectively to show their discontent with the APL.
Victory fans set off small fireworks and then flames, and goalkeeper Paul Izzo had to help handle the flames thrown by City fans.

The game then descended into chaos.

Aiden O’Neill scored in the 11th minute to put City ahead 1–0.

The incident was widely criticized by football fans and social media viewers, with many describing it as ‘disgusting’, ‘shocking’, ‘shameful’ and ‘horrifying’.

https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/disgraceful-violent-melbourne-a-league-pitch-invasion-condemned-as-player-injured-investigation-launched/e9mv9hcip ‘Shame’: Violent encroachment on Melbourne A-League pitch accused of injuring player, investigation launched

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