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Scott Morrison faces calls to resign from Congress over robo-debt. who else can go?

Key Point:
  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison faces calls for his resignation after heartbreaking reports about Robodet.
  • The report found that Prime Minister Morrison had neglected his duties as minister over a “rude and cruel” illegal scheme.
  • The appointment of AUKUS Advisor at Kathryn Campbell’s annual salary of $900,000 is also under scrutiny.
This article contains references to suicide/self-harm.
The aftermath of the Royal Commission on Robo-Debt’s infamous report is accelerating, with former Prime Minister Scott Morrison facing calls from his colleagues to step out of parliament.
A report released on Friday found that Mr Morrison had neglected his duties as minister over a “coarse and cruel” illegal scheme that had led to multiple suicides.
It is the second time a scandal related to his tenure has erupted since his election loss in 2022. Without telling the public or most of my colleagues.
From calls for his resignation to the possibility of losing the title given to him by his beloved NRL team, the Sharks, questions are once again being raised over Morrison’s future.

So what’s next for the former prime minister, and whose other futures are in doubt?

What results are suggested?

In a statement shortly after the report was released, Prime Minister Morrison “totally” denied all findings critical of him, including “allowing ministers to be misunderstood” over the plan.

“They are false, baseless and inconsistent with the clear documentary evidence presented to the Commission,” he said.

Scott Morrison has denied the findings against him. sauce: AAP / Mick Tsikas

But unlike Alan Tadge, Stuart Robert and Christian Porter (three other former cabinet ministers were named as critics), Morrison faced either criminal or civil charges himself. did not clarify.

The former prime minister faces calls to step down from Liberal Party supporter Bridget Archer, who voted for: . Archer argues Morrison’s continued presence in parliament is hindering the party’s progress.

“this [robodebt report]along with other [does] It will make it difficult for the party to draw a line in the past and move forward,” she told the nine papers.

Scott Morrison is smiling and the woman has a blank expression.Both are wearing yellow hi-vis vests

Bridget Archer (left) argues that Scott Morrison should leave Congress to help the Liberals move forward. sauce: AAP / Mick Tsikas

The Liberal Party’s pre-selection process for the next federal election has already begun, and there are reports that the party will move away from nominating Mr Morrison for Mr Cook’s seat in Sydney.

A phone call comes in from outside the tent.

On Monday, radio host Neil Mitchell, whose audience tends to be conservative, said he was “shameful” over what Morrison described as “one of the most disgusting political scandals in the history of the country.” should,” he said.
“He’s been discredited and disgraced. We should get him out and get someone who will add something meaningful to Congress,” Mitchell said.

The Cronulla Sharks NRL team is also reportedly considering stripping Morrison of his status as the club’s number one ticket holder.

what else is said?

Opposition leader Peter Dutton said this weekend he would not call for Morrison to resign.
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has yet to go so far as to call for his resignation.
“Of course, Scott Morrison is mentioned many times in this report. It matters to him what he does in response to that,” he said.

National Party lawmaker Barnaby Joyce, Morrison’s deputy prime minister, was also cautious about offering advice, saying, “I’m not here to speak for Scott Morrison.”

Mr. Joyce told Sunrise that Mr. Morrison’s call to leave Congress “appears to be insincere” and warned against using such calls as a “political weapon.”
“I don’t like telling other politicians to leave politics, right? That’s their decision. They’ll make that decision, and when they decide, they’ll do it,” he said Monday. It is,” he said.
“It’s best for people to decide what they want to do with their careers, not for other people, otherwise it will always be inevitable. They say we should quit politics, they tell us too, that we should all leave politics.
“There will be no one left there.”

Joyce’s successor, David LittleProud, said Morrison had a “contract” with Cook residents and it was up to the former prime minister to decide when to step down.

Top civil servants could lose $900,000 roles

The Royal Commission also scathingly criticized Kathryn Campbell’s conduct.
The report found that the former welfare secretary was “head of the department that established, implemented and maintained the illegal program.”

When information exposed the flaws in the plan came to her, she was found to have “done nothing of substance” and did not seek legal advice when she should have.

A woman with earrings frowns.

Kathryn Campbell’s high-income new role has come under scrutiny following the release of the report. sauce: AAP / Lucas Koch

Campbell went on vacation around the time of the report’s release, but the findings highlight her Pentagon’s role as an advisor to AUKUS, which pays her $900,000 a year.

Many cross-ventures want her to resign or be fired.
Independent MP Zoe Daniel said her lucrative role was an “insult” to Robodet victims.

Independent Senator David Pocock, who is currently on vacation, has previously said Campbell’s nomination to the office would require a “deep look.”

Albanese did not comment on individual cases, but said he was “confident” that top officials would take appropriate action.
When asked about Mr Campbell’s future, the defense did not give a direct answer.

Mr Campbell, who testified before the Royal Commission, said he thought the plan was legitimate but admitted in hindsight it was a “basic premise”.

What about other ministers?

Three cabinet ministers outraged by the report have already resigned.
But Alan Tadge, Stuart Robert and Christian Porter all claim they have been cleared of charges and reportedly not charged.

Porter has decided not to run for election in 2022 and is not currently a member of parliament.

Two men in suits are sitting in parliament.

Former ministers Alan Tadge (left) and Christian Porter have already left Parliament. credit: AAP

Mr. Tadge also left Congress earlier this year. Shortly thereafter, it was the first time in 100 years that an incumbent government had won a seat from an opposition party in a by-election.

Mr. Robert also announced his resignation in May and is in the process of retiring.a It will be held on Saturday.
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https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/will-morrison-leave-parliament-over-robodebt-calls-are-growing-for-heads-to-roll/zwtctef0u Scott Morrison faces calls to resign from Congress over robo-debt. who else can go?

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