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Sam became a male escort in his 40s. He says it’s the most rewarding job he’s ever had.

In 2019, while working at an adult shop, I read an article about a woman who was fighting the NDIS for using her funds to access sexual services.
Not only are adult shops difficult to access, as they are generally located on the second floor, but I also started to think about society’s perception of people with disabilities. Especially when it comes to expressing sexual desire and sexuality.
After a serious motorcycle accident that nearly cost me my leg and my life, I began to wonder if there was anything I could do to provide sexual services to women with disabilities.

When I first thought about working as an escort, my self-esteem was low. Although he had decided to get a job, he thought that no one would hire a man in his 40s. Especially after seeing some advertising sites. The other male escorts were all 10 years younger and had 8 packs!

Sam was worried that no one would want to hire him because he didn’t look like a “typical” escort. credit: samantha heather photo

2020 was a turning point for me. I feel much better about who I am and have become more accepting of my body.

I withdrew funds from the supermarket, quit retail, and trained to become a disability assistance worker.

Getting started was an incredibly isolating experience. Most escorts work alone. Because we are busy promoting our business and managing all the admins related to self-employment.

I found my work satisfying on so many levels.

Samuel Hunter

My first client had a last minute booking for 3 hours that was extended to 1 night. The next afternoon, I met with the lady who booked me a few days earlier and made another late night booking. When I got home early in the morning, I finally had a chance to reflect on the last 24 hours.
My first job was not what I expected. It was a wild time with more reciprocations than I could have imagined. The money I got was more than I earned in a month at an adult shop, even including commission bonuses.

But it wasn’t a completely seamless process. I had to “fire” her first client after she became an obsessive and called repeatedly until I threatened to call the police on her for stalking her.

A man in a suit sitting.

Sam says escorting is a lonely career path. credit: samantha heather photo

Despite the negatives, I have found my work to be satisfying on so many levels, but not in the way you think. not. My satisfaction is certainly not a prerequisite.

I started this job serving women with disabilities, but these clients are probably only 10% of my job and this has been consistently true for 3 years.

It’s almost impossible to classify my clients into any kind of box, but they are mostly women between the ages of 35 and 55. .

My friends and family all know what I do for work and are supportive of it, but it’s often difficult to discuss it.

Samuel Hunter

These women don’t have to pay for sex. they choose. They want to know they’re in a safe place to explore, and that a nice date night ends in a way that’s actually sexually satisfying.
On top of that, they don’t just pay me to go, they pay me to leave, so their already busy lives are uninterrupted.
I don’t know if it’s my “dad”, but if I’m out with most of my clients, onlookers won’t think “something is wrong with these two”.

For personal reasons, I am not interested in being in a relationship. Beyond that, it’s similar to my relationship with a client.

Man drinking coffee.

Sam says he sees a therapist to maintain healthy boundaries with his clients. credit: samantha heather photo

We memorize each other’s stories, engage with them, and learn about each other over time. A regular client used to call herself my part-time girlfriend.

I’m overly sensitive, so some clients can be really emotionally taxing on me. But these are the most rewarding experiences I can offer.
In the post-meeting email, sharing how our time together affected them brought tears to my eyes.
This is also why I love seeing a therapist who happens to be a sex therapist. really helped me to keep up.
My friends and family all know what I do for work and are supportive of it, but it’s often difficult to discuss it. I avoid telling men what I’m doing because I’m greeted with high fives by the same men who embarrass workers.
This kind of toxic male attitude, along with all the stories of men from my friends and clients, certainly turned me into misandry.
For over a year this has been my only income and I feel blessed with the life I have now. He said that if he somehow took a woman on a date, he would live off two minute noodles.

*This is not my real name.

https://www.sbs.com.au/news/insight/article/im-a-man-in-my-forties-with-a-dad-bod-bod-im-also-a-male-escort/a0wbt5k89 Sam became a male escort in his 40s. He says it’s the most rewarding job he’s ever had.

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