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Russia-Ukraine War Live: ‘Russia must pay for the destruction they inflicted’, UK PM says Ukraine

Sunak: ‘Russia must pay’

Sunak outlines how Ukraine We need to help accelerate the reconstruction and “help Ukraine unlock its potential.”

he says Russia You have to pay the price for the violence you inflicted on your country.

Sunak says:

Clearly, the price for the destruction Russia has inflicted must be paid. As such, we are working with our allies to explore legitimate routes to using Russian assets. And on Monday, it will issue a new law that will allow sanctions to continue until Russia pays.

important event

Summary of the day so far…

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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who spoke after Zelensky, said there was “no doubt”. Ukraine will join the EU.

Addressing the Ukraine Reconstruction Conference, he said he praised the progress and speed of reforms in the country. Europe It was never matched by the sacrifice of our country, but we stood together for it.

Speaking of her recent visit to Ukraine, she said:

I have seen a country do everything in its power to rise from the ashes of war. What are they fighting for and what are they dying for? They show it on the battlefield. They show it on the street. They show it in the classroom. They are fighting for their future.

Von der Leyen expressed his hopes for Ukraine’s future, saying the country would become “a country that attracts foreign investment, a country that leads the future and a member of the European Union.”

she added:

We are here to tell Ukrainians that their dream is our dream too […]

When Ukrainians imagine their future, they say they see European flags flying over their cities. I have no doubt that Ukraine will become part of our alliance.

Mr Zelensky ended his speech with an impassioned appeal to political and business leaders, emphasizing that the future of the country would look like this: Ukraine It is also the future of the world.

We are building more than one country. We are building the world in our generation and in our lifetimes as well.

Will there be peace? Will it be stable? Will it be democratic? It depends on each of us.

After thanking Sunak and England for not seeing each other for “a long time”, he closed with “Slava Ukraine”.

Mr. Zelensky moves on to talk about the next importance. Ukraine To strengthen democracy around the world.

Russia invaded Ukraine not only to steal our land, resources and people, but without Ukraine there is no Russian plan. […] Russian bosses are very afraid of our democracy. why?because democracy paves the way for the rule of law [and] remove corruption.

Under our nation’s key principles, everyone counts. This is very important. And, of course, democracy is the essence of Ukrainians, and whatever they think, whatever they do in Russia, we will stick to democracy.

But we all need to recognize that the stronger the democracy, the greater the power of the region as a whole. The stronger the rule of law, the more laws will work here in eastern Europe.

The Ukrainian president said the civil war Ukraine From the energy transition to modern warfare, including the threat of cyberattacks, it shows the world the weaknesses other nations must address.

We do all this in Ukraine. All of this requires partner experience. By building security together, we may convince the world that democracy can be defended.

Zelensky stresses the enormous need for reconstruction. Ukraine.

There is currently no place in the world where so many objects need to be built and reconstructed as in Ukraine. Each day of Russian aggression brings new ruins. Thousands and thousands of homes were destroyed, industries destroyed, lives burned to the ground.

He accused Russia of committing “Europe’s greatest environmental crime” by destroying the Nova Kakhovka Dam.

Zelensky believes there are now alternatives to a green transformation of the economy, and says the war has proven that energy is a key security issue.

It is green energy that guarantees substantial energy stability. Ukraine could and will continue to be one of the leading suppliers of clean power and green hydrogen to ensure that. This potential concession alone is worth about $400 billion.

President Zelensky said his country is developing strong bilateral alliances with democratic world leaders, including all EU member states: Britain, the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia.

These alliances, he says, will bring new strength to the global landscape of defense, economy and democracy.

He said that Japan’s political and economic stability Ukraine It states that at least 600 million consumers worldwide are directly dependent on Ukrainian agricultural production, benefiting the entire planet.

Mr Zelensky said that when the country was put under an economic blockade, Russiathe world was threatened with rising prices and social collapse.

He said Ukraine has now partially restored agricultural migration, bringing stability and economic benefits around the world.

Zelensky thanks countries for their support Ukraine He said he expects concrete projects to be proposed at this meeting. He said Ukraine was more successful than ever in unifying the European Union, which was reflected in “many political and economic sanctions and humanitarian decisions”.

He adds:

Ukraine has invoked all the forces of solidarity for which the EU was organized.

Moral leadership in peacekeeping is “possible only in Ukraine,” he says. Moving on to NATO, he says:

We are already defending the common realm of freedom within the Alliance, and we are just waiting for the Alliance leaders to recognize this. [political’] reality. “

Zelensky said growth and strong investment must be preceded by trust and planning. Ukraine “It must be preceded by the conviction that what is rebuilt will not collapse.” He argues that no one has the power to eradicate evil, but that evil can be overcome. He said the world is watching to see if normal life can be restored in Ukraine. If so, it would be an “ideological blow” to the aggressors, he added.

And it’s not about bricks, it’s about life in general. A world where ruins that remind us of past wars remain. And, unfortunately, the politics of various regions are abandoned in a morbid notion of hatred, anger, and resentment that hints at the possibility of future wars.


No one has the power to cleanse the depths of human nature from the evils that sometimes come to the surface to destroy and kill. But given time, and now we can save lives and overcome their ruin.


The eyes of the world are on us and whether we can defeat Russian aggression as freedom deserves—without compromising our values.

Also, the world will be watching to see if we will restore normal life in such a way that our transformation will bring ideological defeat to the invaders. We protect Ukraine, so we protect freedom. And when we build Ukraine, we build freedom, a country, a region, a continent, a world. It’s a global mission.

https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2023/jun/21/russia-ukraine-war-live-ukrainian-forces-destroying-the-enemy-zelenskiy-says-major-aid-packages-to-be-unveiled-in-london Russia-Ukraine War Live: ‘Russia must pay for the destruction they inflicted’, UK PM says Ukraine

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