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Romania probes suspected reuse of implants from corpses

Romanian prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation into five doctors suspected of reusing hundreds of medical implants extracted from deceased patients.

One of the five doctors who worked at a hospital in the eastern Romanian city of Iasi is being held in custody pending an investigation on charges of abuse of power and bribery, prosecutors said in a statement.

They said an unnamed doctor oversaw a network of four other doctors who provided him with heart implants extracted from deceased patients without prior approval from the deceased patient or his family. I got

Prosecutors have found that doctors performed 238 surgeries over a seven-year period starting in 2017 and illegally used implants extracted from deceased patients or of unknown origin, putting patients at risk of serious complications or death. It claims to have been exposed.

“The majority of doctor-recommended implants were not necessary and were caused by false diagnoses or previously prescribed medications that caused specific symptoms,” the statement said.

Romania’s healthcare system is one of the least developed within the European Union and has been plagued by corruption, inefficiency and politicized control.

The state has built 1 hospital in the last 30 years, has reduced healthcare costs the most in the EU, and has migrated tens of thousands of doctors and nurses.

https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/crime/romania-probes-suspected-reuse-of-implants-from-corpses-c-9799571 Romania probes suspected reuse of implants from corpses

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