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Residents are expected to bring back glass waste


Seventy percent of the total amount of glass collected during the trial was picked from the communal bin.

“Port Phillip is a high-density municipality, a municipality where many facilities cannot accommodate a four-bin system,” says Cunsolo.

“Our glass trials have shown that providing a third bin for glass recycling is not a cost-effective option for our community.”

The Port Phillip Council plans to set up 80 drop-off locations over the next six months.

The majority of residents in suburban Meribeck City Council areas such as Brunswick, Coburg, Faulkner, Glenroy, Oak Park and Pascoe Vale will receive purple-topped glass bottles in April and May, and the Council will begin monthly glass bottles To do. Collected from July 1st.

However, about 1,700 households may have to use drop-off points instead of shared or individual purple bins, the council said.

Merri-bek Mayor Angelica Panopoulos said the city council plans to install glass drop-off points in 11 different residential neighborhoods.

“We recognize that not all properties have space for additional glass recycling bins,” says Panopoulos.

“To enable access to 4-stream waste services, some residents living in high-density properties share trash bins, and some residents drop glass at communal drop-off points within the district. you have to bring.”

Broken glass is one of the biggest pollutants In the recycling stream, according to the Infrastructure Victoria report. Glass in the same bin as paper, cardboard and plastic can contaminate the entire recycling load. Glass shards not only render other materials useless, they also interfere with machinery.

Suzanne Thunborough, CEO of the Australian Recycling Council, struggles to find the perfect balance between creating good recycling collection points and properly sorting different wastes. says there are many things.

“I urge the council to do its best to support segregation at source in a coordinated manner across the state,” she said.

“People don’t want to waste … they want to support recycling systems, so it’s also up to Congress to make sure the available access is good.”

Greg Ferrington, Disability Resources Center executive, said some people with disabilities may find it particularly difficult to use the communal glass drop-off points.


“If the tram line doesn’t get close to the communal drop off point, that’s the first issue that comes to mind,” he said.

Without more accessible options, Ferrington said people with disabilities would have no choice but to cross-contaminate the waste stream.

The state government plans to introduce a container deposit scheme later this year. The scheme allows Victorians to get a 10 cent refund on eligible glass bottles, cans and cartons.

with Ashley McMillan

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