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Reshuffle paves the way for Xi Jinping’s third term

Both Li and Wang, 67, who have doctorates in economics, were advocates for more liberal economic policies. Wang, who belongs to the same faction, was seen as a compromise to replace Lee, but was kicked out even though he had not reached the official retirement age.

Li has made moderate statements about China’s zero-coronavirus policy, urging local authorities not to overwhelm the economy with trade crackdowns and travel restrictions. He has also championed former leader Deng Xiaoping’s policies on “reform and opening up” as Xi seeks to make China more self-sufficient in the face of rising geopolitical tensions.

“China will stick to its basic national policy of opening up, and the door to opening up will be opened more and more,” Li said in September.

Xi’s Chief of Staff Ding Xuexiang and his protégés Li Qiang, Li Xi and Chen Min’er are the frontrunners to join the Standing Committee. Only Vice Premier Hu Chunhua, one of Li’s supporters, still wants Xi promoted to cabinet.

“If Shanghai party secretary Li Qiang[rather than Wang Yang]becomes prime minister, the balance of power at the top will be lost,” said Yang Zhang, an assistant professor at the American University in Washington.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi remained on the wider Central Committee, despite speculation that he might retire, and is now made up of 25 members to replace Yang Jiechi, China’s chief foreign policy officer. may join the Politburo.

The Standing Committee’s seven-man group has historically been an advisory body to China’s leaders, but power has become increasingly concentrated during President Xi’s decade in power. Xi’s third term is expected to not see his 3-4 split between moderates and ruling factions for the first time in decades.

Saturday’s national party convention also passed a resolution consolidating Xi’s status as the “core” of the party.

The Communist Party has endorsed Xi Jinping’s “two safeguards” and “two establishments.” With this, we can see that “Xi Jinping Thought” will guide the Party’s philosophy, security and economic direction for the next generation.

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