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Researcher Accreditation | Government of New South Wales

Dr. Mani Viswasam, a psychologist at Nepean Hospital, is a renowned researcher with a passion for excellence in mental health and improving outcomes for people with mental health challenges.

Mani was a finalist in the Allied Health Researcher of the Year category at this year’s NSW Health Excellence in Allied Health Awards and said she was humbled to be recognized for the work she has done.

Mani’s academic achievements have paved the way for ongoing research collaborations within Australia and internationally, resulting in publication in peer-reviewed journals and presentation at national and international conferences.

Mani says her ability to contribute to improving outcomes for people with mental illness continues to inspire her research.

Her genuine compassion for the consumer and willingness to encourage innovation in evidence-based clinical service delivery are highlights of Mani’s research.

“The research I am most proud of is helping pregnant women understand how their mother’s mental health impacts their well-being, the psychological outcomes of their offspring, and the rest of their quality of life. It’s something you can do, it’s family,” says Mani.

Mani’s doctoral research and her findings, which focus on perinatal and postnatal mental health, are now being integrated into antenatal models of care to enable early detection and intervention of pregnant women with anxiety disorders. I’m here.

Beyond her own significant research work, Mani was also named a finalist for this year’s awards. This was in recognition of her significant research support and mentorship to Allied Medicine and her other colleagues.

Mani generously devotes his time to his research and colleagues interested in research. She shares her expertise in an open and unbiased manner, making her a very approachable mentor, educator, and researcher.

“I find it rewarding to be able to advance research and support researchers in the relevant health community by guiding and contributing expert advice,” says Mani.

Winners of the NSW Health Excellence in Allied Health Awards will be announced on 23 February 2023.

https://www.nsw.gov.au/health/nbmlhd/news/stories/researcher-recognised Researcher Accreditation | Government of New South Wales

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