Reinvestigation reveals old man lost in steep bush for 4 days

After days of drinking stream water and eating mud, Ronald Weaver, who was rescued, gave his wife two words.

“I’m hungry.”

The 79-year-old, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, was found Friday in dense bushland north of Sydney, 73 hours after he strode from his home in Wahroonga.

He wandered through the bush for three days before being caught between trees on Thursday.

The area had been searched Wednesday before six SES workers decided to investigate again.


“It just so happened that an SES employee… saw Ron’s leg sticking out of the tree,” Deputy Superintendent Carlene Mahoney told reporters on Saturday.

As rescue workers worked to free Mr. Weaver, Mr. Weaver called for his wife of 18 years, Hannah.

She said she was overjoyed when she learned he had been found.

“I’m over 60, but I just jumped like a little girl,” Weaver said.

“Thank you everyone…it’s a miracle”

Due to dementia, Weaver cannot say how he spent his lost 73 hours.

forced to eat mud

Police presume Weaver was fending for himself in a stream of water Friday night while trying to remove mud from his teeth.

Weaver remained in a confused state on Saturday and was thought to be in critical condition due to dehydration and associated kidney problems.

Not usually adventurous, he disappeared after unlocking a door on Tuesday and didn’t have his usual GPS tracker on.

Ms Weaver said she was moved by her efforts to find a husband.

More than 100 people from several emergency services set out on foot, on horseback, or on trail bikes, trekking through bush and knocking on doors each day.

Weaver also thanked the community, fondly recalling several people clapping for the ambulance when Weaver was rushed to the hospital.

“I appreciate everyone’s blessings.”

-AAP Reinvestigation reveals old man lost in steep bush for 4 days

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