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Raiders legend Jack Wyton’s move to South Sydney shocked and disappointed Canberra fans

Six-year-old Max Jamieson was inconsolable when the news broke yesterday.

“He was immediately devastated…and he asked me why he was leaving,” Max’s father Luke Jamieson said.

“He’s a big fan. He’s got everything [Raiders] It’s a jersey and I hardly wear anything else. “

In today’s NRL, it is almost unexpected for players to move between clubs.

But Raiders fans like Jamison and Max say. Wyton have a pending departure to South Sydney at the end of the season it’s different.

Wightons are rare. A real star who has been with the same club for his entire freshman career.

The 30-year-old playmaker has played 224 games in 12 seasons with the Raiders.

He also has a particularly close relationship with his coach, Ricky Stewart, who today issued a statement to fans that goes well beyond his usual appreciation for retiring players.

“I want to reassure everyone that the club did everything possible to keep Jack with the Raiders and that he played 300 games and only wanted to be a player for one club,” Stuart said.

“I want to let my loyal members and fans know that I bleed just like you. It’s a tough day today, but our future is still ahead of us and as much as we give I will continue to follow the path I see fit and bring this club the success it deserves.”

Raiders fan Max Jamison, 6, reacts to the pending departure of his favorite player.()

“Very disturbing”

Raiders “superfan” Phoebe Glover, who has supported the club since its inception, said the news was expected, but was still a blow.

“I’m disappointed. Like most fans, I hoped he would continue to be a One Clubman, but in today’s world, I didn’t think that would happen,” she said. Told.

Raiders fan Phoebe Glover has criticized the midseason contract dispute.()

Uncertainty over Wyton’s contract has been in public news since last month when the player told the Raiders that he would test his worth in the market.

More broadly, Glover said he took aim at this mid-season contract battle and undermined the enjoyment of the game.

“It’s very disruptive, not just for us, but for the players,” Glover said.

“We are tired of hearing everything in the media. It’s all speculation and nothing has been confirmed.”

Wyton hopes to secure a premiership with Rabbit.()

Wyton is believed to have sidelined lucrative offers from the Raiders and Dolphins when signing a four-year deal with the Souths.

Former Raiders captain Terry Campese admitted that mid-season signings upset fans.

However, he said early contract negotiations can save a player’s life if they get injured or go into a slump at the end of the season.

“It’s a tough question. There’s a constant debate about when and how to negotiate,” Mr Campies said.

“But it [allowed in] It’s the rule at the moment and we have to follow it.”

The good news for the Raiders is that Wighton’s pending exit will free up a lot of money in the salary cap.

The more difficult task is finding the right new star.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-04-26/canberra-fans-react-to-jack-wighton-departure/102251494 Raiders legend Jack Wyton’s move to South Sydney shocked and disappointed Canberra fans

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