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Quick access to your strata building can save lives

What role does this emergency services contact play, and what difference would it make in your geological complex emergency?

New emergency services contacts help access level buildings

Imagine this scenario… A resident of your building called an ambulance, but passed out before it arrived. who will fuss them?

Strata Hub’s emergency services contact means emergency responders can call someone on site and access a safe building. This saves valuable time and avoids property damage from having to force entry into the apartment building.

Contact point in times of crisis

The emergency services contact also serves as a point of contact for important communications.

For example, if wildfires threaten a particular area, Fire and Rescue NSW can look up the emergency services contact for the location’s strata scheme to communicate important information. This is in addition to other methods fire and rescue services use to alert residents of danger, such as emergency alert warning systems, including voice and text messages.

What Not to Expect from Emergency Services Contacts

Emergency services contacts are not first responders. It also doesn’t have to be “waiting” all the time. Also, emergency services may not use this contact if the person in need or the location of the emergency (for example, a townhouse that is easily accessible from the street) is readily accessible.

Emergency services contacts are only available to NSW emergency services agencies such as Fire and Rescue NSW, Local Council, State Emergency Services (SES), Ambulance and Police.

Top 3 things to consider

The following points should be considered when deciding who to designate as emergency services contacts in the scheme:

  1. call a meeting Alternatively, email us asking for an Emergency Services Contact role.share a link to Strata annual report page Or, provide background and encourage nominations in this blog post.
  2. nominate at least one And preferably someone onsite. They are in a great position to provide on-site information if needed. Designate two to four people to back you up in case someone is away in an emergency.
  3. You can update your details at any time. Schemes may choose to rotate roles. Anyone who agrees to the role can view, edit and/or revoke their contact details in the strata hub. The person responsible for annual reporting will be notified of any updates made.

https://www.nsw.gov.au/speedy-access-to-your-strata-building-could-save-a-life Quick access to your strata building can save lives

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