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PreBabe trial validates the benefits of losing weight by reducing preconceived notions

This PreBabe study, led by the University of Sydney, explores how losing weight before pregnancy can improve the long-term health of mother and baby.

Nepean Hospital is one of five maternity hospitals in New South Wales to host the trial, which seeks to enroll more than 2,000 women in the study.

The PreBabe study explores two different approaches to losing weight before pregnancy and offers participating women a free 10-week weight loss program as part of the study. This program is safe and designed for pre-pregnancy use. Participants will be able to schedule clinical visits and telemedicine appointments for the duration of the study.

Dr. Kathryn Williams, an endocrinologist, is the principal investigator of the Prebabe Trial at Nepean Hospital. “One of her two women is over the healthy weight range when trying to have a baby, and one of her couples has failed to conceive,” she said. increase.

“We know that a healthy weight increases your chances of getting pregnant. not only, but also potentially provide health benefits to children,” said Dr. Williams.

Studies have shown that mothers with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 25 are at increased risk of experiencing pregnancy complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes and premature birth.

A high BMI also doubles the risk of having a baby with a high birth weight, increasing the risk of birth complications and childhood obesity in infants.

Women between the ages of 18 and 40 who are overweight or obese (BMI ≥25), are considering becoming pregnant in the next few years, and live near one of the five participating hospitals are eligible to participate in the study. are invited to apply for

Dr. Williams said: You will be contributing to a body of research that we hope will ultimately help improve the health of mothers and babies. “

For registration and more information, please visit: prebaby.com.au Or follow @PreBabeResearch on Facebook and Instagram.

The PreBabe study is being conducted at five New South Wales maternity hospitals: Nepean Hospital, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Royal Hospital for Women, Westmead Hospital and John Hunter Hospital.

https://www.nsw.gov.au/health/nbmlhd/news/stories/prebabe-trial-examines-benefits-of-losing-weight-preconception PreBabe trial validates the benefits of losing weight by reducing preconceived notions

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