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Power struggle inside the Comancheros 02/11/2022

A massive power struggle erupted within the Comancheros…

Mark Zahra took a gold trip past the posts in the first Cup in front of an unrestricted crowd since 2019, so it would take a long time to stop the nearly 74,000 crowd who attended yesterday’s Melbourne Cup. The wet weather was not enough.

Thousands of dollars in debt may have sparked three men who allegedly kidnapped and assaulted a man at his home in western Sydney.

Seven consecutive rate hikes may not be enough, as economists are forecasting eight straight rate hikes in December.

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https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/power-struggle-breaks-out-inside-comancheros-02112022/audio/70e87ae15297d68b1a22e595592df111 Power struggle inside the Comancheros 02/11/2022

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