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Pope Francis discharged from hospital for bronchitis: ‘I’m still alive’

“In hospitals, there is a lot of heroism and kindness towards patients. You know sick people, we are whimsical. With whims comes disease. You have to be patient,” he said. He praised the work of all staff at Gemelli.

“I went to the children’s ward and saw the kindness with which they cared for the children,” he said.

Pope Francis comforts Serena Svania and Matteo Lugia (left) after the loss of their five-year-old daughter Angelica.credit:APs

“Now I need to sleep for four days,” he joked after answering various questions.

Francis, who celebrated his 10th anniversary as Pope in March, has suffered from many illnesses over the past few years.

He was last hospitalized for colon surgery in 2021, during which time he was hidden from view as he left Gemelli.

He faces a week of trials in which the Roman Catholic Church will conduct a series of ceremonies, services and processions leading up to Easter Sunday, April 9, the most important day on its calendar.

Giovanni Battista Re, dean of the College of Cardinals, has already said that the Cardinals will assist the Pope during the celebrations of the week and perform altar duties.

A similar arrangement was made last year when the Pope stepped aside after an Easter event with a protracted knee pain, leaving a senior cardinal to officiate Mass.


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