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Plunge into Summer- Why You Need a Plunge Pool

Are you worried that your small backyard space won’t handle a pool addition? The good news is that a plunge pool will allow you to enjoy a water experience even in spaces you never thought possible.

What are plunge pools? These are smaller options for large pools mainly used for cooling off, wading, and exercising.

The significant impact of plunge pools is why you can’t underestimate the power of small spaces. Besides, plunge pools have alternative structures, such as acrylic, fibreglass, and concrete, perfect for any home and those who want to go the extra mile.

If you want to install a pool this summer, here are the reasons you should consider a plunge pool in your backyard.

●      Source of entertainment

The season for raising glasses and holding all kinds of parties is quickly approaching, and the timing for installing a plunge pool couldn’t have been any better. If you are going to be the host of a Christmas or New Year’s party this year, your guests will surely appreciate the addition.

Another bonus of the plunge pool is that you can use it throughout the cooler seasons as it’s easy to heat due to its size. However, ensure all the regulations like that of a bigger pool are considered for the safety of everyone.

 ●      Perfect for exercise

Keeping fit by staying active is achievable with a pool. Luckily, the benefits of exercise are not associated with the size of a space. With your plunge pool, your fitness goals are one step closer and take place in the comfort of your home. Besides, most aqua fitness activities occur in small spaces, and there is no doubt about their efficacy. There are also options like incorporating a swim jet system, which means there is no need for a lap pool to reap the benefits of endless swimming. It features extra depth to give enough room for aqua aerobic style water-treading and is suitable for any age and stage of fitness or strength.

 ●      Modern makeover to your garden

Aside from no limitations to water, a plunge pool complements your home’s décor and is one of the reasons more households are considering it. Due to new trends, pool owners are also keen to renovate their pool spaces or install unique features for a professional finish to their outdoors. Water brings a vibe of positive energy to your backyard, and there are various finish options to consider to ensure it blends in.

●      Great for every season

You can enjoy your pool year-round, thanks to its affordable maintenance and several heating options. Whether you want to enjoy your pool during winter or you wish to go out for a late-night dip, you still stand to reap your benefits from your warm pool.

●      Low costs and maintenance

The installation costs are lower as there is minimal space for clearing and digging if necessary. Everything is quicker, meaning that your oasis is up and running in no time. With less space, plunge pools are much easier to manage. It minimises dirt and debris accumulation, which means less cleaning and a lower cost of repairs. Better yet, these pools can be cleaned by hand using a manual vacuum or scoop nets. Even a small pool cover is easy to throw over.


Your backyard could use a plunge pool addition for all the above reasons while providing almost every other benefit a more extensive pool would. Regarding design, there are many inspirations from online resources like pool builders’ websites. Most importantly, ensure the pool is an embodiment of functionality and fun!



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