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Peter Dutton admits individuals made ‘mistakes’ on Robodet but warns against ‘trials by media’ | Australian Politics

Peter Dutton has admitted that “individuals” involved in the illegal Robodet program made “mistakes”, but cautioned against “trials by the media” over the Royal Commission’s findings.

At the Liberal National Party state conference in Brisbane on Saturday, federal opposition leaders accused Labor of politicizing the issue and called Government Services Minister Bill Shorten a “political animal”.

“You have to watch out for the loud laughter of the Prime Minister and Bill Shorten. Bill Shorten tried to politicize the issue with question time, but he is a political animal. , [politicise] That’s the problem,” Dutton said.

Commissioner Catherine Holmes said: her report on friday It contained a “sealed chapter” recommending personal referrals as “a costly administrative failure.”

The report said robo-debt was “neither fair nor legal” and criticized former coalition minister Scott Morrison for misleading cabinet ministers into thinking that legislative changes were necessary to enact robo-debt.

Mr Morrison said: denied all findings against him “outright”.

Asked if Morrison should resign, Dutton warned of “trials by the media” and said he did not know which ministers were being referred to in the “sealed section”.

“The Commissioner recommended that the relevant portion of the report be sealed for whatever reason…there is a presumption of innocence. This media trial and question time trial by Bill Shorten is not the workings of the legal system,” he said. rice field.

“Mr Morrison has issued a response refuting the allegations made, but it is not known whether legal proceedings will be pursued on the basis of it.”

“We believe this is a process that should be respected and we note that the Prime Minister is looking for an opportunity to lift the recommendation against the Royal Commissioner’s advice,” he added.

Nationals leader David Littleproud said the party “deeply apologizes” to victims of the robot debt.

“This is an embarrassing episode. The intention was right, but the execution was poor,” he said.

“We need to face it, be honest with the Australian people, listen to its lessons and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Earlier Saturday, Dutton voiced his opposition to the bill. Indigenous Voices to Congress He accused the prime minister of “dividing Australians”.

Dutton repeatedly called for symbolic constitutional recognition. indigenous australia. Discussions on the voices and the treaty at the LNP meeting are expected to be private.

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Little Proud said he didn’t think an agreement with indigenous peoples was “necessary.” “I believe that our great nation is united and will continue to be united,” he said at the conference.

Resolutions discussed at Friday’s meeting included pushing for a ban on “gender dysphoric surgery” on children and a move to make ABC a “patriotic” station.

Other resolutions include an audit of “explicit sexual material” in Queensland State schools and a move to nuclear power.

Resolutions are not binding on the party, but provide political insight for party members.

Rebels ruled out of Senate pre-election ballot at Friday’s meeting Liberal National Party It won Senator Gerald Rennick from the party’s candidate seat in Queensland in the next federal election.

Senators Paul Scarr and Susan McDonald were pre-selected in the top two spots, with Stuart Fraser in third.

Dutton voted for a senator with controversial views on Ukraine and a coronavirus vaccine. He said it was because Mr. Rennick had made “great contributions” to his party, including on tax debates.

“I endorse Mr. Rennick not only because he is an existing colleague, but because he has contributed greatly to the discussion. he said.

https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2023/jul/08/peter-dutton-concedes-individuals-made-mistakes-on-robodebt-but-warns-against-trial-by-media Peter Dutton admits individuals made ‘mistakes’ on Robodet but warns against ‘trials by media’ | Australian Politics

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