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Pauline Hanson denies Pakistani tweet targeting Mereen Falki was ‘racist’

Key Point
  • Senator Hanson instructed Senator Falki in a September tweet to “offend Pakistan.”
  • The One Nation leader is being sued by Green Senator Mehrin Falki.
  • Senator Falki is seeking a $150,000 payment from Senator Hanson in the lawsuit.
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson argued in court that tweets directed at Green Party deputy leader Meline Falki were not based on skin color or ethnic origin.
Senator Falki has filed a lawsuit in federal court over Senator Hanson’s September tweet, which said he should “pack up and go back to Pakistan.”

Senator Falki mourns the death of the leader of “a racist empire built on the looted lives, lands and wealth of colonized peoples” on the death of Queen Elizabeth II in this tweet It was a reply to a tweet that wrote that it could not be done.

Senator Falki sued Senator Hanson for $150,000 in a lawsuit, saying the tweet was insulting, offensive, humiliating and intimidating to him and people of Pakistani descent and violated racism laws. Seeking.
Representing the Green Party deputy leader in court on Thursday, barrister Jesse Taylor said the phrase “get mad at Pakistan” is a variant of “go back where you came from”.
This latter term “has a rich and pernicious history as an epithet of racism,” she told Justice Angus Stewart.
“The impact is clearly toxic and clearly racist,” she said.
The tweet insulted and offended not only Senator Falki, but also people of color and immigrant backgrounds, the judge said.

“As a white person, I find that offensive,” Ms. Taylor said.

Hanson’s attorney, Sue Chrisantou SC, said her client denied the tweets were sent based on race, color, nationality or ethnic origin.
She asked for details of the Green Party senator’s case in a well-formed argument and said she didn’t have enough information about how the tweet was allegedly discriminatory or how it affected her. Stated.
Chrisantou said a petition to transfer the case to the High Court is also possible given that it concerns Australia’s constitutional implied freedom of political communication.

“This has never been considered in the High Court,” the lawyer said.

To raise funds to defend a lawsuit, A “special hand-knitted collection” of jumpers and cardigans will each be created by her in 60 hours and handed over by the head of One Nation.
“These one-of-a-kind jumpers/cardigans are treasures worth seeing. Imagine our pride in introducing a truly unique, one-of-a-kind Pauline Hanson jumper/cardigan.” writes on its website shop:
“All proceeds will be donated to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Fighting Fund to fight for free speech and democratic rights regarding the allegations of Ms. Mereen Falki.”
Senator Falki has until June 15 to file a petition, and Senator Hanson will have to file an answer by June 27.

The issue is next scheduled to be heard in federal court on June 29.

https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/pauline-hanson-denies-pakistan-tweet-targeting-mehreen-faruqiwas-racist/iqzodva67 Pauline Hanson denies Pakistani tweet targeting Mereen Falki was ‘racist’

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