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Pandemic has changed the way we decorate our homes

The pandemic has changed many things in our everyday lives – including the relationship with our own homes. Today, more people are focused on making their homes flexible in function while in the meantime keep its authenticity in the interior design, andnature and art are becoming more central in the way we decorate our homes.

The last couple of years people have been spending a lot more time in their homes than they did before the pandemic. As a result, the relationship we have with our own homes has changed, and nonetheless how we chose to decorate it. It is therefore inevitable that many people, Australians and others around the world alike are asking themselves: How can I make my home an even better environment for everything in my life? 

We want our homes to be more equally comfortable and inspiring for both work and personal life. Our homes are a product of self-expression as it is a functional space that must meet many needs of our day-to-day live. Thanks to personalization and decoration of our homes we can, with the right interior and wall art,make it more suitable for our needs, asthese small things have a major impact on the comfortability of our homes.

Now we see our homes

The pandemic has made many people ask themselves what the functions of their homes really were. What did we need our home to do for us? How should it feel? It’s no longer enough that the basic needed functions are in the home; it needs to also feel right. Many started to really see their homes – instead of just spending time in them.

This has caused a new interest in the decoration of our homes. Not just in an aesthetic way but in amore functional way. Even though trends come and go, many of the styles from 2020-2021, are here to stay, according to Forbes.

Nature and authenticity in our decoration

It is no coincidence that nature is becoming a primary element in modern interior design. Nature elements are the essence of calmness and authenticity; two things that are valued in our homes in 2022. The pandemic has caused more people to work from home and in general spend more time here. Therefore, it has become very important that our homes are the place for peace and relaxation, as well as being an extension of personal expression.

The general focus on improving life quality and making it special and extraordinary is clearly showing itself in our decoration. However, as trends shifts, and interests fade,it will be interesting to see whether or not the home-oriented interests in interior decoration, gardening, cooking and so on will continue to take hold or diffuse with time.


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