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Palliative care patients explore the world through virtual reality

Beyond watching movies and playing games, virtual reality can take the boredom and stress out of the hospital environment for patients.

Pre-programmed experiences allow patients to immerse themselves in virtual worlds, replicating the hustle and bustle of going skydiving, exploring the wilderness and listening to the sounds of nature, or breathing in the breath of another country. You can travel to another land while admiring the breathtaking scenery. .

In recent years, VR has been shown to improve patient outcomes such as pain management, support for patient anxiety levels, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.

Alan Olofs, PhD, Senior Staff Specialist, Supportive and Palliative Care, Nepean Blue Mountains Rural Health District, says VR devices will make a big difference for many palliative care and cancer patients.

Dr. Alan Olofs said, “This technology improves quality of life by enabling experiences not otherwise available.”

The virtual reality clinical experience is one of the first of its kind for Nepean Hospital, as it features specific VR-enabled applications designed for use with the patient’s experience in mind.

Rebecca Palmer, a supportive and palliative nurse, explains how VR can deliver. The best possible care experience during a really difficult time.

“We are able to offer our patients the opportunity to experience amazing scenery around the world, relive their past, and share precious memories with family and friends.It is truly special,” said Rebecca. increase.

https://www.nsw.gov.au/health/nbmlhd/news/stories/palliative-care-patients-set-to-explore-world-through-virtual-reality Palliative care patients explore the world through virtual reality

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