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Palestinian rallies and pro-Israel demonstrations to be held across Australia

Key Points
  • A demonstration in support of Israel is being held in Sydney’s Martin Place.
  • Pro Palestinian rallies will be held in Sydney.
  • Further events will be held in Melbourne.
A strip in the centre of Sydney will be closed off to display empty prams and the images of children held hostage by Hamas to show solidarity with Israel as
Organisers of an event kicking off in Martin Place on Sunday morning say they expect 5,000 people will come together “in a peaceful demonstration to show solidarity with Israel”.
The demonstration has people holding and showing artworks by local and Jewish artists depicting “the “.
In Melbourne, a large crowd is also expected to gather at Caulfield Park in the southeast of the city.

Balloons and shoes represented hostages taken by Hamas at an event in Sydney. Thousands more are expected to rally in support of a free Palestine as the events continue to draw larger and larger crowds.

Organisers for an event beginning in Sydney’s Hyde Park on Sunday afternoon say they expect an even bigger turn out than the 15,000 people who marched through the Sydney CBD last weekend.

Pointing to Palestinian support rallies from earlier this month where some people who gathered chanted offensive slogans, Opposition Leader Peter Dutton warned similar scenes on Sunday could damage Australia’s international reputation.

People attend a demonstration to show solidarity with Israel in Sydney. Source: AAP / Brent Lewin/AAPIMAGE

“Nobody wants to see a loss of life in the Middle East or anywhere else, nobody will tolerate discrimination against any Australian regardless of their religious faith or their background,” he told Sky News.

“The scenes we saw at the Sydney Opera House, where people were cheering the slaughter of Israelis by Hamas terrorists, they’re scenes that don’t belong in our country otherwise.”
A heavy police presence of more than 1,000 officers is expected to ensure safety on the city’s streets.

Thousands of Australians have joined protests in support of Palestinians being bombarded by Israel. A similar event will take place outside the State Library in Melbourne.

A crowd of people wearing Palestinian flags

People participate in a Pro-Palestine demonstration in Sydney on 21 October. Source: AAP / Brent Lewin/AAPIMAGE

Thousands of Australians have joined protests in support of Palestinians after Israeli forces bombarded the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip after a bloody incursion on October 7 left around 1,400 Israelis dead.

Some 200, including children,
Israel responded by laying siege to the 2.3 million people living in Gaza and unleashing a bombing campaign that left more than 8,000 dead, another 12,000 wounded and roughly one million displaced, according to Palestinian officials.

Civilians in Gaza have no power, water is scarce and the dwindling fuel sources used for emergency generators are running out.

https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/empty-prams-fill-sydney-strip-in-support-of-israel-with-pro-palestinian-rallies-to-be-held/x4nbrzjc0 Palestinian rallies and pro-Israel demonstrations to be held across Australia

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