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Optus customers affected by data breach don’t need new passports, chief says

Telecom provider Optus says customers affected by a data breach at its telecom company do not need to apply for new passports.

Passports, driver licenses, and Medicare card details were exposed when hackers claimed to have accessed the data of 9.8 million current and former customers.

Customers who needed to change both their license and Medicare details were contacted in early October.

Optus chief executive Kelly Bayer Rosmarin told ABC on Friday that it was thanks to many government agencies that people were able to “continue to plan their trips and feel safe and secure.” Told.

“Thanks to the excellent work of three different government departments who have worked closely together over the last few weeks, we have been able to put the appropriate protections in place for our customers.

“This means that customers whose passport numbers have been published do not have to track their passports.”

Rosmarin also defended the telecom company’s response to the data breach, refuting claims that the company charged customers who were leaving the company.

“I don’t know where these stories come from. Most of our customers aren’t even under contract anymore,” she said.

“We want our customers to choose to stay with Optus and stay with Optus.”

Agencies are joining forces in one of the biggest data breaches in Australian history.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-10-14/optus-says-customers-do-not-need-new-passports-after-data-breach/101538178 Optus customers affected by data breach don’t need new passports, chief says

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