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Opposition parties say there is ‘no alternative’ to fast-track immigration law amid High Court challenge

Key Point
  • The High Court faces its first challenge to fast-track immigration laws as Chinese refugees contest “punitive” visa conditions.
  • Under new conditions, some offenders released from custody will have to wear ankle bracelets and adhere to a curfew.
  • Opposition parties say the new law was “necessary” for public safety.
The federal opposition says it had “no other choice” but to rush the Immigration Detention Act through Parliament as the first High Court challenge to the Immigration Detention Act begins.
The Chinese refugee, known as S151, who arrived on a student visa in September 2001, is asking the court to declare: Currently, some of his bridge visa conditions amount to punishment.
The new measures were included in the bill by Labor and the Coalition. after the government was forced to release 93 people from immigration detention by a High Court decision.

Opposition parties support legislation that would impose harsh conditions on people released from immigration detention. sauce: AAP / Mick Tsikas

Court documents filed Wednesday on behalf of S151 say the bill exceeds Congress’ authority to impose “conditions that are punitive in nature.”

His lawyers say the curfew is “typical of a criminal sentence or house arrest and is not a result of administrative visa regulations imposed by the executive branch (government).”

Opposition home affairs spokesman James Patterson backed the bill as necessary to protect communities.

The released detainees included three murderers and several sex offenders, while many others were detained after committing lesser crimes and were awaiting deportation.

“We had no choice but to rush it through,” Sen. Patterson told ABC Radio on Thursday.
“The alternative would be for these people to be released into the community without any enforceable restrictions.

“Ultimately, we have produced a bill that the government claims is constitutionally sound, and I know that the government will vigorously defend this bill in the High Court in this challenge. ”

https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/opposition-says-no-alternative-to-fast-tracked-immigration-laws-amid-high-court-challenge/pxde0yks1 Opposition parties say there is ‘no alternative’ to fast-track immigration law amid High Court challenge

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