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NSW Floods: Heavy rains hit state again from Tuesday

Parts of New South Wales have suffered the worst floods in 100 years. State swaths have been warned to prepare for flash floods and more heavy rain in the next few days.

In 24 hours full of tragedy, Woman in her 20s confirmed dead 4,000 residents were ordered to evacuate after her car was washed away, and hundreds of homes were affected by Mollie’s swollen river.

The State Emergency Service conducted 37 more flood reliefs over the 24 hours into Monday afternoon amid warnings of heavy rains returning to much of the already flooded state from Tuesday.

in the Northern Rivers region, parts of Lower North Lismore were ordered to be evacuated by 8:00 p.m. The SES Emergency Alert has been issued for one of 23 evacuation orders currently in place statewide, the Winterton Parade between Pitt Street and the Wilsons River, and Pitt Lane.

Inland, the vast lowlands of Narrabri, adjacent to Narrabri Creek, are on alert, and parts of the town’s north and southeast and industrial estates are currently being evacuated.

Meteorologist Steven Bernasconi said the weather system was expected to move southwards into New South Wales on Tuesday, threatening flash flooding, but a second weather system was on radar. He said Sunday could mean the return of rain.

Emergency services found the young woman’s body around 9:50 am on Monday morning, nearly 12 hours after she left the group she was traveling with.

A group of four people, including a 45-year-old male driver and two male passengers aged 43 and 26, are believed to have been swept away by floodwaters near Gurgon in mid-western New South Wales.

All four passengers escaped, but the woman was swept away by the rapids.

Prime Minister Dominic Perrotet said widespread flooding across communities in western New South Wales was in some cases the worst in a century.

“In places like Molly, you see places in NSW that haven’t experienced floods like this in 100 years,” he said.

Molly Mayor Mark Johnson said flooding had split the town in two, flooding the north side and forcing 70 people to stay overnight at the Molly PCYC shelter.

Flood levels peaked at 10.5 meters on Sunday, just below the 1955 record, and the town remained fragmented as of Monday afternoon.

“Usually what we see is the flood coming slowly and then disappearing quickly. rice field.

On Tuesday, State Emergency Services, with support from the state government’s “Emergency Base Camp” in the town, arrived with 150 people to begin a massive decontamination effort.

But until the water recedes and cleanup begins, there are other pressing issues for residents, including two supermarkets in towns north of the river.

Amaroo Tavern, on the south side of the river, is one of the few that remains open.

Paige McGrady, bar supervisor, said: ‘It was a very busy weekend with many people coming from this side of town for dinner and beer.

“It’s one of the few places on this side of town where you can eat out. People were cut off from supplies.”

https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/nsw-floods-heavy-rain-to-strike-state-again-from-tuesday/news-story/8b25973587e9563cadc04504e5af67d7 NSW Floods: Heavy rains hit state again from Tuesday

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