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NRL players embark on blackout over salary dispute

Players, fed up with the NRL’s stalling tactics in the ongoing salary war, are embarking on a game-day blackout starting this weekend to try to get league officials back on the negotiating table.

The Players Association announced the dramatic move on Wednesday, confirming it will go into effect Thursday and will include Game 3 of the State of Origin series next week.

In a statement, the Rugby League Players Association said the move was driven by a lack of effort by the NRL in salary negotiations that have dragged on for more than a year.

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The RLPA said, “We were put in this position because the NRL made a ‘hire or quit’ proposal to your CBA.”

“The NRL and ARL committee have effectively stopped negotiations.

Rugby League Players Association (RLPA) CEO Clint Newton (AAP Image/James Gorey) No archive
Rugby League Players Association (RLPA) CEO Clint Newton (AAP Image/James Gorey) No archive

“We are a party trying to move things forward and reach a position where we can agree. made changes to.”

“This unreasonable ultimatum by the game administrators has compelled players to take action to boycott their media obligations on NRL, NRLW and State of Origin match days.”

Under the plan, players will not speak to broadcast, television, radio or print journalists from the first game of the week until the end of the round.

The RLPA called for an immediate meeting with broadcasters to discuss the move, which came after several attempts to rekindle talks with the NRL.

RLPA manager Clint Newton said players “have the right to have their rights and welfare protected”.

“Over the past 20 months, we have seen a disturbing pattern of behavior by the NRL and the ARL Commission. and an attempt to bribe players without understanding that this CBA is more than money,” he said.

“They failed to live up to their promise to provide a CBA that everyone can be proud of – a CBA that respects the irreplaceable role of its players. They failed to disclose and ignored their collective concerns.The players have shown a great deal of patience and goodwill throughout this process, but their trust and determination have been tested time and again.”

Last month, the RLPA board, after a meeting between the RLPA, the clubs and the NRL, voted not to make any settlement that would undermine their position.

NRL Media Blackout

* Pre-match interviews (television, radio, print, NRL.com) Halftime interviews (television).

*Post-match interviews (television, radio, print, NRL.com) Post-match press conference

* Media opportunities in the changing rooms (television, radio, print, NRL.com).and

* Media Opportunities in the Mixing Zone (TV, Radio, Print, NRL.com)

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https://www.theaustralian.com.au/breaking-news/nrl-players-wont-speak-to-media-this-round-in-an-escalation-of-their-pay-dispute/news-story/4e499947ce99bf00703270ab92254931 NRL players embark on blackout over salary dispute

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