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NRL hits back at allegations of refusal of pregnancy policy.

The NRL was quick to respond to reports that appeared on social media suggesting that the Rugby League Players Association had refused to include a proposed pregnancy policy in its collective bargaining agreement.

Real Talk Sports Media said Monday night, “Players requested payment while pregnant and after giving birth. We are denying the player private health insurance and refusing a 12-month contract.”

This is a blow to NRLW players who still don’t have a CBA and can’t sign contracts for next season, which will grow to 10 teams, but still don’t have a start date.

Women’s rights are one of the biggest issues in the stalled negotiations between the RLPA and NRL, and the game boss was quick to hit back at the report in a statement released on Tuesday.

“NRL would like to clarify about false and misleading statements made on social media regarding NRLW’s Pregnancy and Parenthood Policy and private health insurance,” the statement read.

“NRL is absolutely focused on ensuring progressive and modern support mechanisms and playing conditions for NRLW players who are pregnant or new parents.”

Just before Christmas, the NRL touted a historic salary cap increase with NRLW clubs receiving $884,000 each year, a 153% increase from last year.

Tuesday’s statement detailed new maternity and parental leave policies that have been discussed over the past few months with the NRL, NRLW and RLPA since October.

The new policy aims to provide parents with both paid and unpaid support while caring for children up to 24 months. The NRL will provide parental cover financial support for paying players per season, her NRL financial support for substitute players for pregnant replacements, pregnant players and players to move to a safer job.

“The RLPA also funded both men and women through a salary cap and called for player-paid private health insurance,” the statement continued.

“The NRL has granted this request and increased the salary cap for women by 10.5% to accommodate this request.

“NRL and NRLW clubs have also worked to promote contract guarantees and multi-year contracts so that players receive longer-term guarantees.

“The NRL has respected the sensitive nature of confidential discussions, but misleading and false information has damaged the process.”

https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/nrl-strikes-back-at-claims-it-rejected-pregnancy-policy-c-9608176 NRL hits back at allegations of refusal of pregnancy policy.

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