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‘Not our intention’: BoM boss apologizes for ‘confusion’ caused by costly rebranding attempt

Bureau of Meteorology Director Andrew Johnson apologized for the confusion caused by the agency’s request to be called “The Bureau.”
Mid-October, National Weather Forecaster In favor of its full name “Meteorological Bureau” or “Bureau”.

The statement, along with the visual rebrand and new Twitter handle, was met with ridicule and many sarcastic tweets.

In response, Mr Johnson publicly apologized during a Senate hearing on Friday.
“Like any big company, things can go wrong,” he said.
“Recent public commentary on our organization’s name does not reflect our ability and dedication to keeping Australians informed.
“We sincerely apologize if this commentary has caused any confusion or uncertainty in the community. It certainly wasn’t our intention.”
Mr Johnson said the myriad names of weather forecasters confuse older, linguistically diverse Australians, saying the station’s announcement was neither a rebrand nor a name change, but rather a “clear and consistent presence”. He emphasized that it was an attempt to provide
“We just asked the media to call us by that name because we think it increases the validity of our measurements and projections, especially for communities at risk.”

The CEO also used the opportunity to address claims about workplace disruptions at the station that surfaced after the branding debacle.

Dr Johnson said the myriad names of forecasters are confusing to older, linguistically diverse Australians. sauce: AAP / Jason O’Brien/AAPIMAGE

The Saturday Paper reported that the agency banned references to climate change related to weather phenomena and prevented individual meteorologists from making public statements about global warming.

“For years, we have provided evidence to this Commission that climate change is real and that human activity has very likely caused most of the global warming seen since 1950. have provided.
“I’ve always felt that our views were always open.”
He made a clear distinction between the agency’s work as a weather forecaster and CSIRO’s role as a climate research agency.
“We mainly focus on phenomena that span days to months, and our colleagues at CSIRO focus on phenomena that span months to years.”
But Johnson didn’t get involved in allegations about his agency’s high turnover rate and toxic work culture.

“We take all workplace issues seriously and are committed to providing a healthy, safe and productive workplace.”

https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/not-our-intention-bom-boss-apologises-for-confusion-caused-by-expensive-rebrand-attempt/x9c4taz6s ‘Not our intention’: BoM boss apologizes for ‘confusion’ caused by costly rebranding attempt

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