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‘Not Guilty’ Verdict in Samurai Sword Attack

A real estate agent in Sydney told me he loved a woman but must die before he can cut another woman with a samurai sword.

Judge Antony Townsden has acquitted Balmain real estate agent Carl Addon Howard, 45, of two counts of serious bodily harm with intent to murder and willful serious bodily harm. Did.

“It’s a reasonable guess that his mental state was extremely disturbed at the time,” he said Friday at Downing Center District Court.

The two women attended an informal gathering at Howard’s Annandale home in February 2021, where they were seen drinking and watching television.

The court had previously heard that Howard drank cocaine and a few drinks before taking a shower.

Judge Townsden said one woman said he came back “very active”, running and skipping around the property and “acting like a boy.”

Howard told her he had taken four Valium and Viagra pills when he asked if he was okay after his behavior changed to aggressive.

“Don’t call me. Just kidding,” he told her after she tried to call an ambulance.

“I can’t stop!”

“I just want to keep the party going. I’m a drug addict. I can’t stop!”

Howard then hit the other woman’s head with his elbow and then hit her on the head four times before putting his hand to the throat of the first woman and forcibly kissing her.

“I have to kill you. You have to die. I love you, but this has to happen,” he told the woman he kissed.

When the other woman tried to intervene, Howard brandished a samurai sword and struck her in the arm, leaving a deep laceration.

During sentencing, Judge Townsden referred to police descriptions of a “crazy” Howard hiding under cover behind a ute acting in a “psychotic” manner.

Officers said he made “grinded teeth and nonsensical noises” and shouted “I’m going to kill you” twice.

Judge Townsden cited reports from two medical experts at the time who described the offender as suffering from “toxic delirium” and “temporary paranoia.”

“His judgment was severely hampered and he would not have thought clearly,” he said.

Outside the courtroom, Howard’s attorney, John Sutton, expressed his client’s grief and embarrassment over the injuries of two women.

“Drugs are a disaster”

“Drugs are a disaster for our society,” Sutton said.

In November, prosecutors dismissed Howard’s guilty plea for assaulting and physically harming one woman and recklessly causing serious physical harm to a second woman.

They asked the judge to rule on serious bodily harm with intent to kill and the more serious charges of intentionally causing serious bodily harm.

Howard will be sentenced to a misdemeanor guilty plea on March 24, 2023. he is out on bail.


https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/crime-news/2022/12/02/sword-attack-not-guilty-verdict/ ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict in Samurai Sword Attack

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