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No voter is not racist, wants their concerns taken seriously

welcome home Very truly yours. This week, online commentators and letter writers took to their keyboards to discuss a referendum to ask the voices of indigenous peoples to Congress and why yes votes might lose in the polls.

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Will the “real problem” make the voice fade?

  • Political and international editor peter hercher unless there is a drastic change referendum Because the Indigenous Voices to Congress will fail. Thousands of readers commented.

Robin Chance The first step in improving the lives of Indigenous Australians is getting white Australians to agree. This is the real challenge we face as a nation.

Real World Why is the Voice trying to magically reveal solutions to the disadvantages of Indigenous peoples who have failed to attract the attention of decision-makers by the highly influential and admired Indigenous elites? do you want?

Chris McGregor “Cabarita” Voice “undecided”, please stop. Non-indigenous peoples’ “not making decisions” on indigenous issues has led us to the cramped situation we are in today. Why not try out some Indigenous ideas?


Gimme Lad I’m tired of being preached to by elitist “Voice” proponents, including sportspeople, academics, and the media. This attitude of inciting fear, voting against ignorance or racism is nonsense. If we don’t continue to address our legitimate concerns about voices, we’ll only get more people to vote against.

Synastry pottery shard Those who don’t question anything and just accept what celebrities say will vote yes. Those who ponder, ask questions, and investigate independently will vote against.

Cynthia Liu I predict that many of the yes voters will eventually change their minds and vote against it. Only a minority of voters cast their votes on mood, ignoring logic and reason.

danger will robinson “The proposed voice is merely an advisory body. The federal government already has dozens. This is just one more.” This is not an accurate depiction of the proposal. If so, why does this agency need a referendum and others don’t? The Voice is calling for constitutional change. others are not.

latte lover The question now is whether the Australian public will see through the disinformation and confusion brought on by the Coalition and No Crew. It would be a real tragedy for our country if dishonest debate were the basis for the collapse of The Voice. If genuine concerns about real problems were causing it, that would be another matter.

Ian Cairns, Lindfield Why not enact The Voice now, let it run for a few years, let us all see it in action, and then hold a referendum to decide whether to enshrine it in the Constitution?

Illustrated by John Shakespeare

Illustrated by John Shakespearecredit: John Shakespeare

Is Populism Central to No Campaign?

  • Columnist and Senior Journalist Jacqueline Mayley writes about the chasm between the two opposing “no” camps. One he claims the “voice” is too powerful and the other the “voice” is not powerful enough. The “yes” case succeeds only if: secure a waypoint.

Penelope Leighton Caseley, Marrickville Those who doubt that the establishment of The Voice will improve the situation of indigenous peoples should vote in favor of a successful referendum and insist that improvements occur.

Captain 178 I’m left of center, and I’m humiliated by the lack of decision-making content. I’m neither a lemming nor a party appalachic. But until I can read more about this vague and vague idea, I’m going to downvote.

come on Australian voters will not be fooled by this fraud by the far left of politics, media cheerleaders and vested interests. The nation deserves better.

Christine “Equality does not mean that everyone should be treated exactly the same. It has always been true that marginalized and disadvantaged groups sometimes need their own expression. .” Listen, listen.


terry roger At the core of populism is the belief that someone somewhere has more than you. It is also central to No Campaign.

Meredith I think a lot of people who vote “no” still don’t understand the essence of what “Voice” is proposing. Others are voting against it, citing deep-rooted prejudices against indigenous peoples.

Graham Finn, Summer Hill A group of high-level legal and constitutional experts have asserted that the “Voice” has no power over Congress, but fearmongering continues to suggest otherwise. If “no”, you’re spreading conspiracy theories.

Illustrated by John Shakespeare

Illustrated by John Shakespearecredit:

Is the No campaign “misleading”?

  • Boyce’s referendum is plagued by mixed messages, apparent lack of leadership, lack of coordination, worsening competitive tensions between the Indigenous factions, and a relentlessly misleading “no” campaign. Anthony Albanese faces a wicked dilemmawritten by political commentator and author Niki Sava.

hi diversity There is nothing ruthlessly misleading in the “no” campaign. But the details and legal implications of voting yes are vastly different.


optimist The question is what do political parties stand for? Do we want a dog-eat-dog society like America? If so, please vote “no”. Vote yes if you want a more compassionate society where compassion is valued. The rest is just noise.

Juanito By picking the scabs on racism, Peter Dutton is doing immeasurable harm to this country. His actions are shameful and if people don’t see through this disingenuous remark that voices “divide us” then they are a bigger mug than I thought. increase. No wonder gambling companies are doing so well.

Rob H. Why is it said that No Campaign is misleading? Many believe that the whole Jesus affair was a Trojan horse to fundamentally remake the way Australians are governed.

Ainsley Lamb, East Corymal It’s not about power, it’s about closing disparities in living conditions, education, health and incarceration. It won’t happen unless Aboriginal Australians have a say in the policies that affect them through their ‘voice’.

Andrew Mackintosh, Cromer Mr Albanese suffered some bruising from the courageous endorsement of the Voice in Congress, but win or lose, his principled position is admirable.

  • You can join the conversation at smh.com.au Comment section for each article letter to the editor in print and online. See you next Friday. it’s yours Sincerely, Pat Stringa, letter editor

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