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No about ticking

The story of “Mick/Dick the Tick” continues (C8). Martin Mansfield of Boucham Hills has information from his in-laws John Pope and Marion Barrett. In the late 1940s or his early 1950s, when the family lived in Maxville on the North Central coast. So at least once it doesn’t seem to be an urban legend. ”

Around 1970 Susan Haylock of Mosman had a boyfriend in the RAAF who was driving an old Morris Minor with a few fellow officer trainees. “They made giant key shapes on the car and started winding them up, pretending to plug them into the side of the car, one coming out at every red light (C8). I hope they weren’t using the same keys on the McKidjet they were learning.”

Richard Keyes of Enfield wrote in the 1960s, “Whenever we needed to turn right onto Military Road from Mosman’s side street, which was nearly impossible at peak times due to the heavy traffic, my passengers got out of their cars and ran over.” ”, she recalls. to the crosswalk. When he crossed the traffic had to stop so I was able to get into Military Road where he got back in his car and we set off. ”

George Zivkovic of Northmead noticed that “The other day Richard Marles used an interesting mixed trope about Russia ‘not following the rules of the road'”. At least he avoided talking about elephants in glass houses (China). ”

India’s popular NOTA voting option (C8) reminded Jennifer Nicholls of Armadale (Vic) of the success of its Indian version in last year’s federal elections: ‘TEAL (This Electorate Avoids Labels)’.

Fan of Tongue Twisters (C8) Ballina’s David Grant wants “politicians in hard hats and fluror vests to make policy announcements to gatherings of pheasant pluckers and hash it out.”

If Saturday is death day on SMH (C8), then Brian Kidd of Mount Waverley (Vic) says, “Wednesday runs the brave second.” Carol Sydenham also found that “more frequent deaths occur among people whose surnames begin with letters in the first half of the alphabet.”


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