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New Zealand 55-3 Wales: Women’s Rugby World Cup quarter-finals – LIVE | Women’s Rugby World Cup 2021

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New Zealand joins It’s their stage after reaching the semi-finals for the sixth time in their seventh World Cup.

Schedule conflicts stole build-up headlines It was the Black Ferns who advanced to this quarter-final and had a more thrilling match. They beat Wales and the All Blacks beat Japan.

Wales manager Ioan Cunningham told ITV.: “It’s still pretty big. The scoreboard doesn’t lie. How strong can they play for 80 minutes? [impressive].

“But I am really proud of the effort. I was very happy to be able to proceed.

“It’s very special…we’re changing the lives of these people.”

Portia Woodman marks 122m in quarterfinal Here’s what the New Zealander has in her locker as well as the two that have led her to the most tries in Rugby World Cup history!

Photo: Hagen Hopkins/World Rugby/Getty Images

New Zealand player Kennedy Simon said: “That’s extreme privilege [to reach the semi-finals]We have a legacy to protect and advance.

Regarding her motivation for the performance, she added: Please come here and meet our many supporters and families. [what matters]”

Wales captain Hannah Jones told ITV.: “The aspects they brought out tonight are outstanding. I couldn’t have asked for more from the girls, we tried our best.”

“We haven’t played professionally for a long time, but we’re building for the future.”

the score could have been much higher For New Zealand, Wales fared well in defense despite the scoreboard. They have been able to keep their heads high and their performances have improved significantly since turning pro earlier this year.

Full time: New Zealand 55 – 3 Wales

favourites beat Wales It has fantastic and versatile attacks as well as clinical defenses. Wales failed to land an offensive punch and Worlds were eliminated from his cup. New Zealand v France semi-final.

80 minutes: New Zealand have bounced back well and hope for more in attack here. Wales flips it! what can they do here? They are trying to attack and I don’t want this to end. Woodman picks it up and they steam toward the line.

78 minutes: The referee has contacted both captains as both teams are post-processing off-balls. This time he was pushed and shoved by H Jones and Connor. Wales has scrum.

77 minutes: Wales short in the lineout and Joyce hesitates as the New Zealand defense pushes forward. Tui gives the penalty and Wales kicks into the stands again. They win the lineout and advance. Woodman knocks out after Wales kicks.

75 minutes: Wales has Scrum and they do it. ITV said Wales were targeting his four tries in this match, but we cannot confirm if that is true, but he has yet to score. Wales breaks down He wins the pen and kicks into the stands.

74 minutes: The Welsh defense is still battling it out with clenched teeth, but Tubic’s pass is up front and it’s not going to work. There will be a break in play as Jones undergoes treatment.

73 minutes: A rare mistake from New Zealand, three backs on a forward pass, Wales with a scrum. A big blow from New Zealand earned them a scrum penalty and the Black Ferns were off again.

71 minutes: Williams Morris returned to Wales after committing a crime. Neumann collects his kicks crossfield and scores a penalty at breakdown. Lewis punts the ball into the stands. But they knock on instead of straight into the lineout.

try! New Zealand 55-3 Wales (Deman, 68′)

It’s clinical, but not surprising considering Wales are down so much. Demant makes a perfect line for cutting. Holmes misses the conversion.

68 minutes: Tuipulotu is on for Rose as Wales makes another change. I’m back in New Zealand.

yellow card! New Zealand 50 – 3 Wales (George 67 mins)

George knocked on purpose and Wales brought down another player

try! New Zealand 50 -3 Wales (Connor, 65′)

Connor pounces again after Bucksley pushes the Black Ferns again. Holmes gets the kicker, but she misses.

64 minutes: Webb is out for Wales and Wales are missing a player as there are no more players on the bench. Fluhler takes his Tubic turn off and a tactical change is made, leaving Mikaele-Tu’u intact. Tui has a great break, just a few meters away.

63 minutes: George kicks out and New Zealand decides to run it rather than clear the line with the kick. The Black Ferns knock on Ruth and she is replaced by her who goes out of her rules too, so that’s her last move. New Zealand turned it inside out after the scrum and the scoring in this scrum is far from over. Play is suspended as Webb goes down again and Mikaele-Tu’u also receives medical attention. Attendance was also confirmed at 16,834.

61 minutes: Demant kicks to clear the line after a yellow card. By the way, Webb remains in treatment. But Wales got the ball and have the shot to attack. They are running a phase here. This is the best offensive spell they have.

yellow card! New Zealand 45-3 Wales (Williams-Morris, 59)

Williams-Morris tackled Tui off-the-ball, but the referee was happy with the timing. It’s the landing that sees her in the ten bins.

59 minutes: Cocksedge off, bailer on. And Wales made a change with off snowsills and no kets. Play was suspended due to an injury to a Welsh player. Just arrived is Megan Webb. Also, he heads to TMO to tackle Tui.

try! New Zealand 45 – 3 Wales (Bremner, 56 minutes)

New Zealand employs the entire team, with Bremner catching a long-range pass and getting the ball into his hands. Demant misses conversion.

Alana Bremner tries.
Alana Bremner tries. Photo: Hannah Peters/World Rugby/Getty Images

55 minutes: Wales are under attack and desperate to try on the board. Their performance deserves more recognition on the scoreboard. A loose Welsh pass is stolen by Fleurer on the floor. here we go again …

53 minutes: Stacey Fluhler made a nice break and hit a hard long range pass, but Woodman couldn’t pick it up and came close to another score. With Leti-I’iga off, New Zealand make another change. We don’t know who replaced her, but we’ll let you know as soon as we know.

52 minutes: The scoreline may not tell you much, but Wales performed well in this match. New Zealand manages to retrieve it and Leti-I’iga chases and kicks it, but Joyce takes it away. Wales takes the kick, Tui collects it and her pass is out of play. New Zealand make another change as Hillini was off in place of Kennedy his Simon.

try! New Zealand 40-3 Wales (Connor, 49′)

New Zealand take it quickly and try instead! Demant kicked an extra and the flyhalf missed just one kick in this match.

Luka Connor gets mobbed after scoring.
Luka Connor gets mobbed after scoring. Photo: Hannah Peters/World Rugby/Getty Images

48 minutes: New Zealand make their first change as Georgia Ponsonby replaces Luca Connor. The hosts run away with the ball in the lineout, but Wales turn it over to prevent another score. A Welsh scrum was torn to pieces by New Zealand. What a blow from the host!

46 minutes: Here we go again, the Welsh defense is relentless so far. New Zealand wins the penalty and kicks into the corner.

try! New Zealand 33-3 Wales (Woodman, 43′)

New Zealand manages to turn it over at the breakdown and the hosts come forward again. And who would convert but Woodman?She is now the all-time leading try scorer in women’s rugby World Her Cup history.

42 minutes: Joyce successfully picks up a tricky pass as he launches this second 40 attack. Wales spill the ball, but Tui kicks it back to the visitors. It’s great to see Wales score a try in this match.

Back in progress!New Zealand 26 – 3 Wales

The second half has started! Will New Zealand get away with this? Or can Wales return to this.

Let’s look back at the haka Emotional ahead of kickoff:

Look at this skill of Woodman. She has been all over New Zealand so far, including scoring tries. The score put her on par with her table as the top scorer of this tournament, but she also scored the same number of tries in Women’s Rugby World Cup history! He has scored 19 tries in just eight matches.

Half-time: New Zealand 26 – 3 Wales

Impressive early defense There are four tries from Wales and New Zealand. Portia Woodman, Ruby Tui, Sarah Hillini and Amy Rule clashed to keep the hosts firmly in control.

40 minutes: I think it’s fair to call New Zealand ruthless, especially through Woodman and Tui. It will be difficult to see Wales come back from this scoreline.

try! New Zealand 26 – 3 Wales (Rules, 39 minutes)

New Zealand won by the lineout, but Woodman made a phenomenal break. That’s sensational from a winger. They ran through phases and Amy Rule was done. Demant has extras.

https://www.theguardian.com/sport/live/2022/oct/29/new-zealand-v-wales-womens-rugby-world-cup-quarter-final-live New Zealand 55-3 Wales: Women’s Rugby World Cup quarter-finals – LIVE | Women’s Rugby World Cup 2021

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