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New South Wales could have a new government by the end of Saturday, with new polls showing Labor winning just over a majority.

Voters in New South Wales will go to the polls on Saturday to decide who will lead Australia’s largest state for the next four years. Labor is expected to return to government after 12 years of opposition.

After a long campaign, handshakes, promises and awkward moments, the polls open at 8:00 a.m. and the majority of the 5,521,688 votes of the 93 voters cast. Since early voting began a week ago, he’s already had more than a million votes cast.

Dominic Perrotet, who became prime minister 18 months after Gladys Berejiklian’s resignation, is hoping to lead the Liberal-National coalition to a record fourth term, against expectations.

But Labour’s Chris Mings said he was likely to become NSW’s next prime minister in the Australian News Poll on Saturday, noting that Labor had secured a small majority in government. There is

camera iconAustralia’s Newspoll points to Chris Minns leading Labor to a majority victory on Saturday. NCA NewsWire / David Swift credit: News Corp Australia

The coalition holds 45 seats: Liberals 33, Nationals 12, Labor 36, Greens 3, and independents 9, including two former Liberals MPs.

Labor took part in Saturday’s elections, which need to win at least nine seats to claim the government.

But Newspol’s bipartisan result of 54.5 to 45.5 shows 6.5% support for the ruling coalition, giving Labor up to 10 extra seats.

That would give Labor a majority of 47 seats without cross-bench support, but an even swing is questionable.

In another boost for Labor, Mr Mins earned the 2-point leader as a preferred prime minister over Mr Perrotett for the first time in this news poll.

people's forum
camera iconLabor leader Chris Mins (right) won Prime Minister Dominic Perrotet’s vote at the Sky News/Daily Telegraph People’s Forum on Wednesday. Justin Lloyd. credit: News Corp Australia

Mings was a relative unknown to the race, but won a big victory in the final debate of the race on Wednesday.

Of the 100 undecided voters, 48 ​​said they were upset and voted for the opposition, 32 chose the coalition, and 20 remained undecided.

Both leaders campaigned hard until the end of Friday.

Mr Perrott, who left Sydney earlier this week, campaigned on Friday in seats held by the Liberals, including Willoughby, Drummoyne, Ryde and Penrith, formerly held by Mr Berejiklian. . Penrith is a marginal seat, while the other seats are usually considered safe liberals.

perotte bus
camera iconPerrottet, along with his wife Helen and youngest daughter Celeste, campaign in the Penrith Valley Regional Sports Center constituency with MP Stuart Ayres NCA Newswire/Monique Harmer credit: News Corp Australia

Mr. Mins, who appeared to grow more confident as the election day approached, was launching a glamorous last-minute attack to win votes.

He also has the hearty endorsement of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who is still a voter 10 months after leading Labor to a federal victory.

Liberal Federalist Peter Dutton has never appeared in the New South Wales campaign, instead concentrating on Aston’s campaign for the Melbourne parliamentary seat.

If the coalition loses Saturday’s election, it means all the mainland states and the federal government will go Labor. Tasmania is the only country with a liberal government.

Albany's Chris Mings
camera iconAnthony Albanese has been on Chris Minns’ election trail several times. NCA NewsWire / Damien Shaw credit: News Corp Australia

The NSW Electoral Commission said 1,199,121 million people had already cast their ballots by Friday. Voting closes at 6pm on Saturday.

Counting begins immediately, ends at 10:30 PM, and resumes on Monday.

https://thewest.com.au/news/nsw-may-have-a-new-government-by-the-end-of-saturday-with-a-new-poll-showing-labor-on-track-for-a-slight-majority-win-c-10147822 New South Wales could have a new government by the end of Saturday, with new polls showing Labor winning just over a majority.

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