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New South Wales ambulance crew apologizes for refusing to transport sick toddler

NSW Ambulance has apologized to infants and their families after paramedics refused to transfer a 1-year-old to a larger hospital for treatment due to ongoing low levels of industrial action. .

A family member told ABC that the sick boy was referred by a doctor to Moruya Hospital on the far south coast of New South Wales on Wednesday.

Paramedics said they were unable to transfer the infant to the pediatric ward of Southeast Regional Hospital in Bega because of industrial action.

A spokeswoman for the Health Services Union (HSU), which represents paramedics, said the hospital had not followed NSW Health Department policy of providing nurses and doctors as escorts.

They said paramedics should be able to request this when transferring patients between hospitals.

“Unfortunately, this policy is largely unenforced, repurposing paramedics into the role of hospital clinicians, depriving communities of much-needed emergency coverage,” the spokesperson said. Stated.

“HSU sympathizes with patients and their families and will continue to advocate for a well-resourced healthcare system.”

Health services unions argue that paramedics should be able to request the escort of nurses and doctors.()

After waiting almost 12 hours, the infant was finally transferred.

A spokesman for NSW Ambulance, an agency of the NSW Health Department, apologized to the children and their families and said they were aware of the union’s industrial action.

“Even though the transfer was safe, we apologize for the distress the patient and his family experienced while waiting for the transfer,” a spokesperson said.

“Patient safety is our number one priority and NSW Ambulance has operational plans in place to minimize disruption to the community.

“All paramedics continue to respond to life-threatening medical emergencies.”

A spokeswoman said the New South Wales Health Department meets regularly with unions to discuss awards and qualifications for paramedics.

“New South Wales Ambulance will continue to have open discussions to mitigate the potential impact on patients,” they said.


https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-06-17/nsw-ambulance-apologise-toddler-hospital-delay/102490486 New South Wales ambulance crew apologizes for refusing to transport sick toddler

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