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New development is SBS relocation feasibility study

Key Point
  • SBS’s Sydney headquarters has been in Artarmon for 30 years.
  • The federal government will investigate the possibility of moving it to Western Sydney.
  • The final decision will be made by the SBS Board.
The Albanian government is considering the possibility of moving SBS’ Sydney headquarters and studios from Artarmon to western Sydney.
Communications Minister Michel Rowland on Thursday announced a steering committee of the feasibility study, in consultation with SBS, led by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts.
The committee will consider the business case, benefits and costs of moving SBS’s headquarters and studios to Western Sydney and initiate a competitive bidding process among local authorities to select the location.

We will also explore colocation multi-purpose spaces for content creation and public use.

SBS Managing Director James Taylor. sauce: SBS News / SBS News

The project timeline anticipates that the SBS Board will be in a position to consider the results of the feasibility study in 2024.

The decision to relocate will be implemented after 2024.
In a statement, Rowland said it was important to find the right mix of people for the steering committee.
“The mandate and steering committee announced today will provide strong governance, expertise and leadership to consider the potential relocation of SBS to Western Sydney.”
“Many stakeholders have already indicated their interest in hosting SBS in Western Sydney, but it is important to identify and consider all relevant factors,” she said. rice field.

The SBS Building in Artarmon was opened in 1993 by former Prime Minister Paul Keating. The station was formerly based in North He was stationed in Sydney.

SBS Artarmon

The decision to relocate SBS’ Sydney headquarters is expected to be implemented from 2024 onwards. sauce: SBS News

In a memo to SBS staff, managing director James Taylor said there had been consultations on the process and that SBS would be represented by a steering committee and working groups.

“As we have said before, SBS is constructively participating in this process and seeks the best possible outcome in delivering its services. For the benefit of viewers across Australia,” said Taylor.
He added that the decision on relocation will ultimately be that of the SBS board.
“We will work constructively on this project, keep an open mind and of course keep you updated. SBS is nothing without our people. will take place.”
The Steering Committee will be chaired by Mike Mrdak, Executive Chair and CEO of NEC Corporation (Australia and New Zealand).

In addition to Taylor and Murdak, committee members include former SBS Non-Executive Director Daryl Karp, Vecor Technologies CEO Mark Ramsay and the agency’s Assistant Secretary Pauline Sullivan.

https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/new-development-is-sbs-relocation-feasibility-study/3hbdcs49i New development is SBS relocation feasibility study

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