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Morgan Hogg named 2023 Visual Art Fellowship (Emerging) recipient

Morgan Hogg will use the prestigious $30,000 Fellowship to undertake a self-directed program to develop her professional practice.

The Fellowship recipient was chosen by a panel of industry peers which this year included Michelle Newton, Deputy Director Artspace, Eddie Abd, 2022 NSW Visual Arts Fellowship (Emerging) Recipient, Khaled Sabsabi, Create NSW Visual Arts Board and Michael Dagostino, Create NSW Visual Arts Board.

“Morgan Hogg displayed strong artistic and cultural leadership, working with both her artistic peers and her broader community in Western Sydney and in the Pacific. In her work, Morgan demonstrates the reclamation of traditional practices and reframes these through the use of contemporary techniques and materials. Her professional development program has a clear sense of urgency and acknowledges the critical importance of intergenerational learning, connections, and the continuation of cultural knowledge.”The 2023 NSW Visual Arts Fellowship (Emerging) Jury

Now in its 26th year, the 2023 NSW Visual Arts Fellowship (Emerging) has a long history of nurturing and guiding the professional development of NSW contemporary artists and expanding opportunities within the arts sector.  

Previous recipients of the Fellowship include Eddie Abd, Dennis Golding, Shivanjani Lal, Claudia Nicholson, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Heath Franco, Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran, Jamie North and Soda Jerk.

2023 Visual Arts Fellowship (Emerging) Exhibition

Developed and curated by Artspace, Sydney, works by all six shortlisted artists are featured in the 2023 Visual Arts Fellowship (Emerging) exhibition. The prestigious and long-running exhibition has earned a reputation as a highlight in the NSW Visual Arts calendar, showcasing the diverse and exciting talent of a new generation of artists, and helping to launch many careers.

The six artists represent a new generation of artistic practice, critical ideas and cultural leadership. 

Artspace Executive Director Alexie Glass-Kantor with co-curators Talia Linz, Sarah Rose and Stephanie Berlangieri said:

“We are thrilled that Morgan Hogg has been awarded the 2023 Fellowship. From the perspective of her Kūki Airani (Cook Islands) heritage, Morgan’s practice articulates her experience of cultural displacement and identity. Weaving together an intergenerational archive of familial histories, Hogg centers the role of matrilineal knowledge-sharing and memory to create an intimate, ceremonial space for diasporic connection. We look forward to seeing Morgan deepen her research and cultivate her practice with the support of the Fellowship.”

“Congratulations to all six finalists for their dedication and ambitious presentations. We look forward to following the careers of these promising emerging artists.”

The exhibition is on at Carriageworks from 27 July until 27 August 2023. Admission is Free.

https://www.nsw.gov.au/departments-and-agencies/create-nsw/news/stories/2023-nsw-vafe-recipient Morgan Hogg named 2023 Visual Art Fellowship (Emerging) recipient

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