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Mitchell Moses scores a golden point field goal to win over the Parramatta Eels in a 17-16 NRL win over the Penrith Panthers

Mitchell Moses – the same day he re-signed with Parramatta – scored the game-winning field goal against Penrith to give the Eels a 17-16 overtime win and kick-start the Eels season.

Going 16-14 in 20 seconds to play in a high-quality Grand Final rematch, the Eels gave the Panthers one last chance to tie.

Nathan Cleary kicked for a touch and once the ball was in play, drilled a two-point field goal to tie the game when the full-time siren sounded.

However, Mitch Kenny’s high shot to Waka Blake cut the visitors to 12 in the first minute of extra time and marched the Eels upfield where Moses iced the game.

A win at Western Sydney Stadium on Thursday night will give the Eels immense confidence after a 0-3 start, as they threatened to unleash their premiership tilt before the start.

Only one team in Australia’s 115 years of professional rugby league has started a season 0-4 and lifted the trophy.

Instead of folding for the fourth week in a row, the Eels put on one of their most disciplined and patient performances to show they were a spectacular margin of victory for last season’s title.

On the other hand, the Panthers started defending the lead with 1 win and 2 losses. Without Viliame Kikau and Api Koroisau, their offense fell short of their best record in the Grand Finals, with him scoring only 44 points in his first three matches (86 in the same period last year).

Hours after it was reported that he had signed a long-awaited contract extension, Moses had some great moments in regulation. For example, two forced dropouts, Luke his one-on-one tackle on Garner near the line, and Jarom his hit on Luai. Mistakes in the first half.

Moses was busy all night because of the eel.(AAP: Dan Himbrecht)

Eels took control of the Territory Battle early on, completing the first half at 94%. The Panthers found themselves vulnerable without the injured Liam Martin (hamstring).

Dylan Brown split the defense with a grabber kick that found Bryce Cartwright in the 14th minute and two Penrith errors in quick succession kept the Eels dominating.

However, it was the Panthers who scored next, going against the flow of play.

Isa Yeoh freed his arms with a tackle and offloaded onto Scott Sorensen, who had just stepped off the interchange bench.

A Cleary penalty goal leveled the score at 8-8 at the half-time siren.

On his NRL debut, 23-year-old Penrith Jr. Brendan Hands broke Parramatta’s stalemate after his teammate spread the ball to the right midway through the half.

A second penalty goal from Moses extended the lead to eight points, but Penrith had plenty of time to stay within two points at first thanks to a try from Zach Hosking and then to the final thanks to Cleary. They tied the score in 20 seconds.

However, Cleary was beaten in extra time by the opposite numbered Moses.


https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-03-23/nrl-penrith-panthers-parramatta-eels-mitchell-moses/102124794 Mitchell Moses scores a golden point field goal to win over the Parramatta Eels in a 17-16 NRL win over the Penrith Panthers

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