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Melissa Cadick’s husband claims luxury goods ahead of auction to pay debts

The gorgeous wedding ring is among the designer jewelry and artwork that alleged con artist Melissa Cadick’s husband claims is his before an auction to pay off a debt.

Mr Caddick disappeared from his Sydney eastern suburbs home in November 2020, a day after a raid by company surveillance and Australian Federal Police.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission was investigating an alleged 49-year-old Ponzi scheme.

But before a court-appointed recipient auctions jewelry, designer merchandise and works of art in the coming weeks, Cadick’s husband, Anthony Colletti, said in documents filed in federal court. , stating that some of the items belonged to him.

Mr. Coletti wants his wedding ring, an 18-karat white gold cubist ring with a 4.26-carat black sapphire, at a ceremony in Rose Bay on December 31, 2013.

His court filings also show that Mr. Caddick gifted him jewelry for his birthday in 2016, including a Canturi 18-carat white gold ring and a Carré diamond cross pendant.

Mr. Cadick had an account with Christian Dior Australia.(ABC News)

Colletti claims he purchased some of the seized items, including a US$4,000 ($5,900) Louis Vuitton watch, on a 2017 trip to New York, where a Breitling chronograph Navitimer watch was found by the recipient. Once sold, we would like to receive revenue. .

He also claims two works by Tasmanian artist Adrian Lockhart to be his.

Some of Cadick’s belongings have already been liquidated by trustee management firm Jones Partners.

she house in dover heights It was bought for $6.2 million in 2014 and sold for an undisclosed sum three weeks ago, according to domain data.

The Trustee Company sold an Audi R8 for $295,000 and a Mercedes CLA45 for $66,000.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-11-18/melissa-caddicks-husband-claims-jewellery-items-ahead-sell-off/101672964 Melissa Cadick’s husband claims luxury goods ahead of auction to pay debts

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