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McDonald’s new potato scallops, cakes and fritters ignite online debate, call for boycott

Punter thinks he’ll go so far as to boycott McCus after the fast-food giant announces it’s launching Serve potato scallops with chicken salt.

What’s triggering the angry reaction? That McCus decided to name the fried potato snack scallops.

Debate over what to call a fried potato snack has raged on the internet for decades.

In Victoria and the Northern Territory it’s potato cake, New South Welshman oscillates between potato scallops or just scallops, but in Washington and South Australia it’s known as potato fritters.

A map posted to Reddit three years ago displayed the term by region.

camera iconpotato scallop map. credit: reddit

McDonald’s has firmly established itself in the NSW camp by naming it Potato Scallops and people are leaving.

One man thinks he will sue Maccas for “false publicity” over the name.

Another accused McCus of coming to a local fish and chip shop and called for a boycott.

Others used language to define exactly what a name should be.

McDonald’s describes the scallops as “a true Australian icon, the perfect combination of crunchy tempura coating and fluffy potatoes”.

Other new menu items are:

Aussie Angus Deluxe – 100% Aussie Angus beef patty, bacon, beets, Macka cheese, lettuce, tomato relish and aioli served on a classic bun.

Max Spicy Deluxe – 100% Australian RSPCA certified chicken fillet coated in crisp chilies, mayonnaise, lettuce, cheese and tomato on a sesame bun.

Hokey Pokey Sick Shake – According to McDonald’s, the “Highly Requested Hokey Pokey” Sick Shake is a thick, smooth, creamy milkshake laced with Hokey Pokey flavored syrup.

https://www.perthnow.com.au/lifestyle/food/mcdonalds-new-potato-scallop-cake-fritter-ignites-debate-online-and-calls-for-boycott-c-9407795 McDonald’s new potato scallops, cakes and fritters ignite online debate, call for boycott

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