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Manchin Blames Biden, Obama and Trump Boost Vote

In the rural city of Latrobe, about 400 kilometers away, Trump also headlined a rally and won two candidates he endorsed. A far-right state, with prominent doctor Mehmet Oz competing for the Senate seat with Democratic rival John Fetterman. Doug Mastriano, a politician trying to become governor of Pennsylvania against former Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

Former President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Latrobe.credit:APs

Standing near a giant billboard that read, “Joe Biden owes Pennsylvanians gas bills,” Trump accused the Democrats of “waging war on Pennsylvania’s energy,” accusing the U.S. of employment. endangered and responsible for the rising cost of living.

He also hinted at making a decision soon on his plans to run for president. Axios Reported last week, it could be as early as November 14th.

“I won’t say it now,” Trump teased as the crowd cheered enthusiastically. “But I promise you, in the next very, very, very short period of time, you will be very happy.”

The fact that three presidents have landed in Pennsylvania shows just how important this battlefield will be in the November 8th midterm elections. Midterm elections determine who controls the US Congress and, in turn, the direction of the country for the next two years.


Pennsylvania was seen as the Democrat’s greatest chance of winning a seat in the Senate.

However, recent arguments that Fetterman, who is still recovering from a stroke, is having trouble getting his sentences together have raised questions about his suitability for the job and the lack of transparency from his campaign about his health. caused concern.

Fetterman got a much-needed boost this week when Oprah Winfrey, who was largely responsible for launching the “Dr. Oz” career, endorsed Fetterman.

Obama also spoke of the importance of voting in midterm elections, which traditionally have lower turnout than presidential elections and tend to oppose the party that controls the White House.

“When I was president, I got spanked in the midterms,” ​​he told the crowd, explaining the results.

“Had we retained the Senate in 2014, the Supreme Court making decisions about our most basic rights would have been very different. So the midterm elections are no joke.”

The former president is criss-crossing the state to boost the Democratic Party’s fortunes while fending off the expected “Republican Red Wave.” To that end, Manchin’s comments struck a chord with the Republican Party, fueling the Republican narrative that Biden was out of touch with the plight of suffering Americans.

The controversial senator is known within his party as a “holdout” because he tends to vote against Democrats for the benefit of West Virginia, a traditionally conservative state that has backed President Trump. It is

In response to Manchin’s comments, the White House released a statement saying the president was talking about an “energy transition” underway, which he said would be “more jobs and more jobs for every American in every part of the country.” It will help bring about better opportunities.

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